Can't play chivalry online anymore

  • Since last week I’m having this issue… No servers showing. NEVER! Never ever! I wait, play against bots, restart the game, restart steam, restart the PC, nothing.
    I tried to join friends using steam: The game doesn’t even REACT to it.
    What the hell happened now?
    One day it was still working perfectly, quit the game being happy because I had a fun match and the next time you start the game: You can’t join any server.
    I’m playing against bots all the time now. And that SUCKS.

    I haven’t changed ANYTHING. No configurationchanges, no new stuff on my computer, didn’t uninstall anything.

    Is this a known issue?

  • Try the “Open” command.

    Open [IP address]

    See if that works.

  • @lemonater47:

    Try the “Open” command.

    Open [IP address]

    See if that works.

    So this means I need to get an IP adress of a server…. Well I guess I can easily get the one from our clanserver.

    But… It just started to work again today. I just played online again. Weird… But ok… I can play so it’s cool.
    Only thing is I suck now because of playing with bots so much.

  • Yeah this happened to me for about a week.

    using that command worked. Though sometimes it took a few minutes for the loading screen to appear.

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