A New Game Mode Idea

  • Hi there guys

    Today here I would like to share an idea came to my mind. I have even registered an account just for it :)
    Here it is:
    Game mode is based on random weapon at each character spawn. For example Team B is ambushing Team A at their castle/base, Team A got shocked because they werent expecting an ambush, so they just grab whatever weapon they found at just run to the battle.(Knights with Shortbow, Archers with polehammers, MAAs with Maul etc.) The weapons could change at every spawn or once for a match.

    ~This mode would be best suited for Team Deathmatch or Team Last-Standing.
    ~Team A got random weapons but Team B can either have random weapons or not. ( Not sure about that.)
    ~If another playable factions comes with expansion, Masons and Agathas can stay together agaist 3rd faction with random weapons.

    Thats all I can imagine right now, please say want do you think about that idea. :D

  • Interesting…the problem is this would create a whole world of problems in terms of animation. By default Knights don’t hold bows, MaA don’t hold mauls, etc. So it would require a LOT of custom animations, as well as the time to create a new map and gametype. But overall, not a bad idea.

  • You are right. Its an idea for mods or far-future game :)
    Game mode doest have to be in a new map, mode could use some parts of maps like Stoneshill Village(Agatha gets an ambush), and some other maps which are TO mostly.

  • I’m pretty sure someone will come up with a “TF2 Randomizer” mod for Chivalry.

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