Silent admin login.

  • That would be useful with hackers.

    If someone is hacking and they see an admin login they shit the bed and run away.

    And people’s first reaction is to votekick the hacker. So Admins only have 30 to get evidence of him hacking, getting his steam ID and stuff like that. So I need to cancel that votekick. It raises suspicion but they many of them are pretty stupid and won’t leave as long as they don’t think an admin is on. And the rest of the server thinks the hacker canceled it.

    Also an admin char feature would be nice. So if you use a command in the console that whatever text comes after command gets displayed a certain colour in the text box or on the top of the screen. But it doesn’t say who its from it just says admin. That way you won’t get people saying STFU when you say something like teamkilling get you kicked. They didn’t think you were an admin just some prick thinking he’s the boss. Admin chat can change that.

  • You’ll have more options once RCon is out. So let’s wait for that and see what kind of fun things we can do!

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