Community Night

  • So the reddit community is probably going to have a community night tomorrow Wed 31st. There is a teamspeak channel available. We will be organizing others so if ya can’t make this one we will have more in the future whenever people want to play.

    Official /r/chivalrygame Teamspeak.

    I will probably also be streaming the entire thing.

    I would like to have separate channels for those wanting to team up in games, maybe separate into different game modes. It would also be nice to have some people that want to go into training tutorial types of sessions and work with experienced players to get better and to get tips and things.

    We can also work out some other details of what people would like to see happen. I’d like to bring this community together, have a chance to meet some new people/players and have a group experience. They are the funnest of times.

    Who’s in?

    UPDATE: i forgot to mention since some are North America and others are different countrires, we could also separate by locale as well if it would help, and then have sort of a tavern channel for everyone to come together if they just want to talk about stuff and hang out with everyone.

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