Enough players online?

  • I discovered Chivalry a while ago and was watching some videos which were really cool. So im really considering buying the game. But I know that the a static player number is important for multiplayer games. So how is the player count at the moment? Are there full servers around the whole day?

    Would be nice if someone could post the server browser at the moment with the actual player count. (if thats allowed).

    Thanks in advance :)

  • It’s in beta.

    I heard there are around 17 official beta testers or so. Of course, anyone whom paid the 50$ for access can get in, but there appears to always be three or so servers full, at least from what I have heard, as I am not one myself.

    No one can say how it does release, but I say if they dropped it to 19.99$, it’d do even better, make up that 5$ in sales and word of mouth.

    Don’t expect to log in 6 months post release an see 10,000+ players, not bashing Chivalry, but you have to be realistic. Maybe 1500-2000 active players, months down the line.

    Maybe spiking to 4-6,000 everytime a large content update or DLC is released. Just my speculations.

  • Thanks. I dont expect player counts like CoD or something, but its important for me to get full servers at every time a day.

    I know that the game is in beta, but everyone who bought it for $50 can get into beta, so I was expecting that there are quite a good number of players online.

    So it would be good to know if I can already find full servers evertime in the beta.

    How long will the beta be anyway? Is the release very close?

  • The Beta is currently online and the full game will be released on the 16th of October.

  • Considering the game is 24.99$, not many people bought the 49.99$ version just for beta access. That’s paying the price of an extra copy just to play some weeks early.

  • i payed cause i want to support :]

  • A lot of people bought 4packs which came with beta access. If you add up all the 4packs and all the $50+ pledges, and assume everyone’s payment went through and they activated their key, that’s a minimum of 1654 beta players.

    That’s not even taking into account all of the devs obviously play the beta, and I know most of them gave away some free keys to friends, plus all of the alpha testers got beta access, plus you can buy beta access on the website.

    Anyway, there are currently 25 total beta servers, and you’ll usually be able to find a mostly full server if you don’t care about ping - you’ll definitely find a server with good ping which is close to full at peak hours in your region. I tend to play mostly in off-peak hours in the USA and there’s still usually at least one US server with 10+ players, and if I want a bigger game, I get playable ping on UK servers (I’m on the east coast though - your results may vary).


  • Thank you very much. I was considering which version to buy but now I think I will go with the Beta-Access-Version for supporting the developers of this awsome game a bit more :D

  • Cool - See ya on the battlefield !

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