Flinch time

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lh8TSuiB6A&t=10m40s

    if you can tell in shara’s latest video, this happens all the time actually and i’d like to compile more footage. As you can see in this fight, he gets the first poke between hits to where the vanguard does not even swing yet, however somehow before shara combos his slash, the vanguard is able to start his own slash and pass it over. Luckily, the vanguard missed, but this is a perfect example of flinch time fail. A broadsword combo can in some cases be too slow to flinch long enough for that slash not to be able to happen.

    Something is weird with flinching. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it’s like a total grab bag for when it works and when it doesn’t… and there seems to be some sort of non existent recovery time for those who spam their left mouse button, or spam any attack for that matter. Spam overrides flinching.

  • I know what you mean. I’ll explain to you a scenario that happened to me prepatch witb the maul, dueling some pretty good players. So I hit the guy with a maul lookdown OH, so I hit him in the first frame of release. I must wait .6 seconds for the release to end. 2 hander flinch time was .8 seconds. Release phase ends. .6 seconds have passed. He spams stabs(SoW stabs, .6 windup) predicting me to combo feint. I combo into another OH, no combo feints used. Maul combo time is .85 seconds. .2 seconds of my combo time ends, so his flinch ends. I have .65 seconds left of my combo. He windups up a stab(.6 windup). .6 seconds pass. I still have .05 seconds left of my combo and he enters stab release. He’s facehugging with a stab so it hit’s in the first frame of release. I die because I was on low health and I should’ve been able to make the comeback and win. Sorry I just think it’s bullshit that something as slow as a SoW stab(same as a crouch-lookdown OH with a poleaxe) should be able to hit a guy in the middle of a regular combo. The same thing can be done in live with a dane axe normal double OH combo against a norse sword crouch-lookdown OH. I’ve killed sydney many times by doing that before and honestly it’s pretty bs.

  • Shouldn’t that be a bug report then?

    BTW that was a desync. He didn’t actually swing.

    But yes I know what you’re talking about, where flinch times are inconsistent (even on dragged attacks, so people shouldn’t say that its only possible on lookdowns, etc).

  • i don’t have any footage myself, that particular area in shara’s video could most def be a desync, but i tell you flinch times are so inconsistent. And just flinching period is inconsistent.

    I’ll try to get some of my own footage of this happening, where i actually take damage from it. It’s really a pain to have to go back through like one 45 min game, or hours of footage to compile bugs but that’s my plan eventually….

  • I use broadsword 95% of the time and i get flinshed in my combos like no tomorrow.

    1. People seem to be able to shildbash you while they are flinshed.
      If have meet people who do this 3 times in a row. They get hit and then instantly shildbash me.

    2)People ,with windups up to 0.6 or so, are able to flinsh me in the swing-swing combo with at leat 33% chance. Its just gambling wether they interupt me or not.

    We need custom flinsh times , where for every weapon aginst every other weapon a time is specified
    so that you cant interupt combos but can punish combo feints.

    Thats just nXn Matrix there n is weapon numbers.

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