Settings, what does what?

  • I am fairly new to the game, but was wondering what settings actually do what. Like for instance, Ragdoll, and the other sliders at the top of video config. What do they do/change?

    I see a little bit of choppiness sometimes when I play, my ping averages about 82, was wondering what these settings do and if I can improve game play. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • The ragdoll refers to how many dead bodies will remain on the floor. The higher the count, the more processing required, so if your system is hurting then you should lower that. The blood decal, refers to how many blood splatters will remain at once on the map. Both impact performance. I don’t remember what other settings are there. Ask if you see another one.

  • Oh ok, that makes sense, I will tinker with them see if I can get the game play smoother. Thanks.

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