I had a dream

  • That when I joined this forums there would be a reveal about this secret project.

    If I recall correctly the things I saw in my dream where realy messed up and I was dissapointed with it. It was like they made a new melee based game but in a cyber punk/medieval setting. So I was seeing pictures of knights with purpleish plasma armor and plasma sword. Next thing I know I was rederecting lightning bolts with a plasma sword during a massive storm.

    This must be a sign.

  • I’d be down for it. Or if they made the next game the armies of heaven vs hell, with epic sword battles between angels and demons. That would be pretty sick.

  • The purple colors you are thinking of is due to customization. ;)

  • What’s wrong with you Sophax, that sounds awesome :o

  • Melee-based cyberpunk game sounds awesome! :D Someone make a full conversion mod!

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