Blinking cursor, Help!

  • When i load up the server with my batch file, i get one cmd window showing the batch file parameters, shortly followed by the cmd that is the udk.exe but i just get a blinking cursor, i left it on this for around 20 minutes and it stayed like this as a blinking cursor. How do i fix this?

    Running on windows server 2012.

  • are you using shortcuts pointing to udk or adding the parementers to udk itself?

    I’ve only ever seen blinking cursor when udk has been blocked by a firewall and unhelpfully decides to wait.

  • This is my batch file:
    C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\GameServers\chivalry\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe AOCTD-Moor_p?dedicated=true?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver -maxplayers=24

    I have also added it as a firewall exception

  • hmm, not so sure.

    Do you not need to put a port/query port into the startup. Not sure if it defaults… maybe worth a try

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