Chat occasionally breaking

  • My chat occasionally (and by occasionally it’s multiple times throughout the day) breaks, not allowing me to type in the all or team chats (it’ll let me press y/t to open the chatbox, but nothing appears if I attempt to type anything). Often happens at the end of maps when I attempt typing and the scoreboard overrides everything, but also happens mid-game when I accidentally open the scoreboard or try typing whilst the scoreboard is open. Not sure what exactly causes it/the exact combination and timing of keys but it obviously has something to do with the scoreboard. It gets rather annoying to have to either restart the game or wait for the entire map to finish before it fixes itself and I can chat again.

    I guess it could be fixed if you allowed typing over the scoreboard? Would also fix whatever you’re typing at the end of maps being deleted when the scoreboard overrides everything.

  • A fix for this is To open the scoreboard again push b and click on a name. Then go out of the scoreboard and you should be able to type again.

  • This happened to me while i was typing and clicked mouse because a guy was coming for my head. I tried to do it again but for some reason it does not happen when i try to do it :?

  • Thanks for the tip, would be nice if TornBanner could just fix bugs though rather than having to use work-arounds

  • It happens so often to me I just use the console to chat.

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