Banned for TKing once

  • Hello, I was banned on the Official TO Server #26 [32p] for TKing one person. Hand Banana attacked first so I defended myself and attacked back. Can you unban me? Thanks.


  • You weren’t banned. Just kicked. You should be able to rejoin by now. It’s kind of a shame that vote went through since you were one of the better players on the other team.

  • It said my IP address was banned, but it is all better now. I will be on there again!

  • Don’t retaliate to teamkillers. Just keep blocking him and say no all the time. He will eventually get board. Or let him kill you and then initiate a votekick against him.

    People attack you so you can attack back. Then that person will kick you. They are trolls. Just don’t attack back.

    Also if an admin does come a long, and this is for any server they could come at the wrong time and see you killing the team mate then kick or ban you. Another reason why you don’t retaliate.

  • I had this happen today, my first kick ever. Disappointing, and even when explaining on chat that it was self defence I still had 90% yes votes.

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