Reset Rank ?

  • when i first play this game in 2-3 min i see 37 level in my rank board so after 16-17 hours played nothing change,also i cant open any weapon.
    So i stuck in level 37 and beginner weapons i am sick of it and deleted all game files and deleted from steam.And download-install again nothing change.
    I want to play this game but for this; i need reset my rank RESET ALL profile ???
    How can i do that ?

  • A problem that is getting bigger and bigger, and has been around for a while (My rank bugged about 10 months ago). TB have been putting this issue on the backburner. Too busy making helmets for people to buy.

  • wow so tb isnt interesting about customer satisfaction…
    i deleleted the game,i am saying to who want buy this game;dont buying.
    to many lags,bugs everything in this game!!!

    sorry for my bad english :)

  • Yea, sucks for you man, but TB refuse to comment on this even though it has been raised countless amounts of times. I wonder why they never explain the problem. It’s just mind boggling. Maybe they hope that if they ignore it, it’ll just fix itself randomly.

  • I’m really fed up with this situation too. I was boosted to rank 40 on my first day while on an official server and in the months following I have never seen TB even acknowledge the bug yet alone offer a solution. I have received a lot of abuse and vote-kickings for my rank alone which forced me as a newbie player to pick servers which had a high percentage of veterans logged on. Not exactly a fun experience for someone trying to learn the ropes.

    I stuck with it and I can currently hold my own against most experienced players in TO pub games but it has been a very shitty up and down experience for me and I imagine a lot of other new players have experienced the same. I recently started playing duels again and the votekicking and abuse in back in full swing. In the past 24 hours I have been kicked from 3 servers despite the fact I rarely post on chat and I own a mediocre 83-82 duelling record (a carry over from my first day’s play). It’s always because I’m the lone 40+ player on the server and everyone assumes I’m there to do some pubstomping where as actually I am just trying to learn how to play f**king duels. Even if I don’t get kicked there is always someone talking shit about my rank. To make things worse it is often players who are probably more experienced than myself. I have a limited number of servers I can play on and I don’t appreciate going through this with a game I paid for. It’s ok when there are a number of high ranked players logged onto the server and I don’t mind playing against people much better than myself. However it would be nice just to be able to play on servers against similarly experienced people and not get abused for it.

    I am really getting fed up with the situation and I want TB to take action. I want either a full reset for myself and any other players affected. It really should not be this difficult to get and I don’t care if it resets my weapons or other stats. If a full reset is out of the question then I would like a reset back to rank 21. That way I wouldn’t qualify for the newbie servers which I have never been able to play on anyway. Is this really too much to ask?

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