Ninja Map Feedback - Bamboo Forest

  • This map is simply amazing.
    As far as the art goes, its my absolute favorite so far next to citadel.

    The layout is fun, especially the roof tops… I don’t know if there is anything quite as epic as roof top katana duels.

    Flow felt well paced as long as you don’t get lost in the bamboo :P

    Big map but not to big…perfect :D

    The lighting is also really nice, gives a fantastic contrast to the Spartan map.

  • Art - Very cool I like the bamboo and forest feel of this map.

    Layout - The layout is very good with multiple floors and game play elements like the traps. I especially like the Z axis element when fighting around the buildings.

    Flow- Everyone seems to flow into proper areas for fighting and many different engagements seem to occur.

    Fairness- Neither side seems stronger than the other positioning wise.

    Size- This map is the perfect size for a larger 20+ server TDM.

  • @Andrew:

    Thoughts on:

    Very nice work.
    I think you need to incorporate more variety on some portions like the buildings where the red pillars might become repetitive. I also think that the general structures were lacking in that slight grittiness present in chivalry MW which I really appreciate.

    The bamboo forest addition is very welcome mostly due to the atmosphere in it but also because you can actually run through it at certain portions of the map which had me feeling that i might do a classic anime samurai charge scene there at some point with someone else.

    The structure side needs more work on the end where it breaks into an ocean, maybe a cliff hang into the ocean could work? You could perhaps make a lower terrace that would be a small rice field? ATM its closed off rather boldly with those fences and its easy to tell there is nothing beyond it from the rooftops.

    Generally nice from point of multiple passages. Could make for an excellent CTF map as well.
    I did notice that spartans can access the samurai spawn while the other way around is impossible due to spartan spawn being too high to jump onto to get. Maybe you should even that out. I feel that the samurai spawn area could use more work on the staircases sides since they are very obvious. A tunnel might be interesting at one side?

    I think you should include interiors for the buildings with breakables inside.
    Also some random farmers might be good running around and being killed by whoever.

    Like I said before there are many pathways around the map so its very movable so no complaints there. good work.

    Likewise as above.

    It might be a bit crowded in a full 32 or more server.
    Might do good to expand on the sides or move one of the spawns backwards to incorporate more area.

    Also Bugs and Personal thoughts.
    Hole in the rock map wall near the waterfall on the left side (samurai) / right side (spartan).
    Waterfall stream rocks are no clip and can be walked through and hidden in.
    Can climb the rocks to the left of the map wall near the waterfall.
    Bamboo forest wall near spartan spawn floating off ground.
    Elevation towards spartan spawn near the opening trap floor has a hole.
    The bamboo staircase leading between samurai spawn and roof access makes player stuck coming down.

  • My favorite part of this map was walking to the rooftops as an archer and taking pot shots at players. Nothing felt cooler than using the vertical aspects of the map to get an advantage. I also really enjoyed hiding among the columns beneath the buildings for cover from archer fire. Really atmospheric!

    The map flowed very well, I was able to use alternative routes to my advantage as well as find combat immediately.

    Map size seems just right for 12v12, I like smaller skirmish matches / maps.

    Fairness: I think the Spartans are very easy to spawn trap considering the Samurai can have archers on several rooftops near the Spartan spawn, and where the Spartans only have shields. If the Samurai have some foot soldiers blocking the path to the archers, the Spartans are gonna have one helluva battle.

  • Yeah this is a beautiful map, art is really nice.

    The rooftops are cool and love jumping onto those Japanese arch things (torii) and fighting there.

    I would suggest that there should be a more open space in the middle of the map that would naturally draw players in. At the moment it feels like you’re wandering around many corners until you find an open space.

  • Art
    Love the style. It looks good as it is right now. I would prefer if the ground looked a bit nicer, but that’s kinda always how it is in UDK games.

    I think this is pretty good, but there is perhaps a bit too much bamboo perimeter. The basic concept of the layout is really good though. I really like the two-layer building areas. It feels like playing Library in GoldenEye/Perfect Dark. There are plenty of ramps, and lots of chances for drop-down overheads on unsuspecting targets.

    The map does a decent job getting people into the main areas, but like I said, I think there is a bit too much bamboo around the perimeter. Would have to play with lots of players before really coming to a conclusion here. The bamboo areas aren’t very exciting to fight in compared to the center, IMHO, but do a better job than the spartan map at directing flow. I also think some passages through the buildings would be good. Certainly on the upper floors it would make for nice shortcuts and surprises.

    Personally I feel it would be the right size for 24 - 32 players, but obviously it remains to be seen. We might all have different taste in terms of how crowded we like our maps. I figure one should target say, 24 players as the base line. That way it’ll be maybe a bit too crowded with 32 players (who doesn’t like a bit of mayhem), but not super empty with less than 24.

    I dig the map so far. I need to play it some more before I come up with any firm recommendations on what I would like to see.

  • Art

    I love the art for this. Everything is crafted really well and you can really notice all the details and textures in the game. All the art assets such as the houses, the bamboo walls, the bridges and others really makes you feel like you’re in a hidden ninja place.


    It’s pretty good considering it’s not too big and it’s quite easy to find people. There’s lots of directions you can go. You don’t feel all bunch together but you also don’t feel like you’re on a search for people.


    The flow works wonderfully. There is always combat going and people are able to move throughout the areas to find the combat with ease.


    I think the size is perfect. Lots of room for big teams and works well for small teams too. The different levels allows lots of movement room and the areas provide more than enough space for combat.
    This is a great map and I can’t wait to play it with everyone when the expansion comes out.

  • Art
    It’s simply wonderful. Scenic, identifiable, instantly recognizable. I simply don’t have the words to describe how much I love the art.

    I only got to play this in dueling and some FFA. But for duels, the layout is decent; it might benefit from slightly varied terrain, but the plain arenas do well for balanced fights.

    Can’t really give input on this. It flows well for dueling, I suppose.

    It’s generally fair, though when it comes to dueling, other players in other arenas can shoot you with ranged weapons. This level might benefit from some invisible walls.

    Could stand to be a bit larger, but maybe that’s just me saying “I want more of this!”

    As for bugs, there was an arena with an elevated stone plateau at the side; walking on this made characters sink into the ground. Unfortunately, this is difficult to report without a screenshot.

  • Thoughts on:

    Looks pretty alright

    I like the traps, although I feel like there should be more of them.

    Pretty slow, due to long-distance between spawnpoints

    Looks like team Red has the advantage of having lots of obstacles around their surroundings.

    Pretty alright.

  • If you look at the red columns, they alternate textures every other one which is ugly where they meet. You’ll see black along an edge or corner at the top and then it suddenly stops at a seam.

    The one ladder on the ground on the hill (provides makeshift steps up the hill I assume) is partially clipping into the ground.

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