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  • Thoughts on:

    Also Bugs and Personal thoughts.

  • It’s huge, which is good as long as it’s a large server. With fewer players it could obviously cause issues. No fun running around for minutes to find one player. Ideally perhaps have a clearer path towards both end point spawns, having to go around so many buildings (maybe open them up?) doesn’t help. It’s fairly minor though. I assume it’s a LTS or TDM map only? Or CTF?

    It’s a nice bright map, I like the style overall, and the 300 reference is always nice. ;)

  • Art / Aesthetic: A bit plain, could use some more doodads and other miscellaneous constructs to give flavor to the environment. Edit: Man I was negative when I wrote this, I was probably hungry. Forgot to mention that I love the art assets, and you really captured the vibrancy of the colors well. Give your art team a pat on the back! Especially with the Spartan model, he’s my favorite.

    Layout: Simple once you figure out it’s basically a giant square with a path through the center.
    Flow: This is the weakness of the map. Players are all over the place, not really sure where to go. I think we spent a good minute as a full team circling the map looking for the Samurai.
    Fairness: Both sides seemed to stand an equal chance.
    Size: A bit too large, again there were moments where I was wandering the map searching for combat.

    Personal Thoughts: I love Greco-Roman architecture, so it seems like a disservice to not be able to enter any of the buildings. If there are plans to, please open one of them up, battling along the colonnades was awesome, I would love to fight in an interior environment (that could also serve as a connector between the streets/lanes). This might also make the size of the map feel a little smaller, not having to travel the full length of a lane before changing onto the next.

  • Yeah, what they said above.

    It’s a bit too large. Big is nice, but you spent too much time finding enemies. I like the architecture, and I hope at least some of the buildings will be enterable in the future! Oh, and it’s a bit empty and square-ish as it is now, but I know you will most likely add more ;)

  • The pit of death is hilarious.

    Its a large map so 32 players and it being full would be good for that map.

    Layout is simple but we spent a good couple of minutes running in circes until someone found the lot of death. So once you know the map a bit its fine.

    Can’t really comment on fairness. As we had 10 samurais to 5 Spartans.

  • Art

    The art is good. I love how much you try to incorporate as much as possible to Spartans and Greek style. The attention to detail is nice. The ridges up along the walls, the columns, the art on the ceilings, the way you distinguish sides with red or blue and the buildings you put off in the distance to give the place a much bigger feel. I’m sure you’ll figure out how to give the buildings or some of the areas a bit more variety.


    Like every map, once you play it a few times, you begin to realize all the areas. Each area is open enough for big battles. It’s easy to get into each area, however the only problem is that sometimes to get to an area that the battle is at, will take you a decent amount of time.

    I’d put hallways in some of the buildings to allow easy access.


    When the battle is in the middle and both sides meet then the flow is great. Generally where ever everyone meets, it seems to be good given the space. As I have previously mentioned regarding reaching some areas, that’s where the flow begins to slow down.

    There could be 3-5 guys battling in one area meanwhile everyone else is rushing to get to that area. By the time they get there, everyone else is dead or a few are left then those 3-5 guys get into battle and those that are dead come back rushing. Unless everyone comes in at once, it will be really hard to have those huge battles that you see on the regular Chivalry maps because I find that this and the other map is quite large.

    I definitely seeing it being a problem in Last Team Standing or at the end of Team Deathmatch.


    Both sides get equal amount of space. There is enough distance to prevent spawn camping as the winning team would have to go pretty far to get there then do a lot just to stay.


    Huge map. Works great when areas are congested with people but if the numbers are small, it becomes a big game of hide and seek in a way. No one likes running around for a while to find someone only to either get slashed to bit or take an arrow in the face. Once there is a way to allow easier access for all then this map would work even better.


    I don’t think this is really a bug but the shadows of the trees come off really weird, especially when the shadows land on walls. I’ve noticed this on the red side with some of the trees near the base.

  • Art
    10/10 very nice.

    To big so far, idk how it will play out with bigger teams but so far I don’t like how long it takes to reach a enemy. The pit is awesome you can never go wrong with a spartan pit.

    No flow really it is like stop and go traffic with small teams.

    Seems fair when I can find a enemy.

    To big with to many obstacles.(buldings)

    I don’t mean to rag on the map but I know you want honesty and so far I don’t like it but that might change with 16vs16? Seems more like a 24 vs 24 map.

    p.s. King of the hill around the outer area of pit would be epic fun.

    p.s.s. I said it in game but there is a bug when you run out of javs throwing them your screen goes wacky. And you have way more then 3 throwing javelins.

  • Love the pit! just putting that up front.

    The Art is grand, especially being such a large sized map the art really makes the scale of the buildings feel massive.

    Can’t say much about layout as I spent the whole time running towards the pit

    You get a good jog running to the center but its really not all that bad plus with more players I wouldn’t put a second thought to the size, especially since I like the wide open battle areas.

    Fun large sized map, will play again.

  • Art - The best part about this map, it captures the era extremely well.

    Layout - Big open and empty is how I would describe it. We need to more quickly get back into the action for both teams. Either closer spawns or more direct routes. Overall I feel this map is too large for a non objective map.

    Flow- You have to go around the outskirts then back into the middle area where the fighting occurs, which eats up a lot of running time.

    Fairness- Balance wise it seems fine because both teams have to traverse similar distances to reach the action areas.

    Size- I feel it’s too big, but if this was reworked into a TO map it could work very well, but as a TDM it’s too large.

  • I share everything the folks here said.
    The design and art here is great. But the map itself is too big for a non TO map.
    I also think its very clean, maybe a little too clean. Could maybe solve it with a thunder storm or some moody atmosphere of a sunset?

    Also bugs I found:
    Some marble sidings and staircases going left from samurai spawn obstruct player movement and requires jumping over.
    This is sparta well cylinder is smaller than mesh one?? Can walk in the air sort of.
    Holes in environment exterior map floor.

  • I think it’s a great map but yeah flow is the main issue (and generally the main issue with the layout of all the maps right now) I think the map should lead the two teams towards each other more. Have one or two large battlegrounds in the centre of the map, one near the pit and other a large open square.

    There certainly should be some paths that lead around the flanks but generally the map shuold gently encourage the teams straight towards each tother.

    Also because it’s a Spartan map there should be room to form a proper Phalanx at a chokepoint, or just have a dedicated Thermopylae map. Or I can just make one for you 8-)

  • Why not make one. The assets would be there.

  • List of bugs for the Spartan Map:
    In the blue teams spawn, to the immediate right of the player the textures flicker, and slightly back in the spawn the ceiling has a flickering texture as well. Even further back in the blue spawn, near the hedges and tree, there is a hole in the invisible wall which allows you to jump to your death.

    On the left side exiting the blue teams spawn, the yellow colonnade (middle back column) has a noticeable texture seam / inconsistent shadow that is broken up along the seam. It also appears lower resolution on one side than the other. On the stairs leading up to that yellow colonnade (and many other stairs) the textures slightly flicker.

    When exiting blue spawn and heading left, there is a downhill slope leading outside the city area (playable area). The invis wall blocks the player, but there is no indication of an invisible wall existing. I think some sort of wreckage or visual block would help guide the players away from that area.

    Walking through the yellow colonnade that is left of the blue spawn, on the immediate left again there appears to be yellow blotches on the stone wall texture, with noticeable repeating textures, as well as a seam on the ground.

    Near the circular cluster of columns (I believe where the main menu screen shows the Spartan and Samurai standing), to the immediate left behind the four trees, there is a gap between the ground and the blue structure, allowing you to see underneath the landscape.

    To the right of the circular column cluster (from red spawn facing blue), there is a red building, on the side facing away from the column cluster the columns of the red building noticeably clip through a railing, and the player can partially conceal themselves within the mesh of the wall / column clipping through.

    Making a left out of red spawn, there is a stone wall with hedges at the top, which has no collision for weapons, you can swing through it and not recoil. There is also a slight visual gap between the sections of the wall.

    On the furthest left hand corner of the map (blue side facing red side) there is a missing rail mesh, the invis wall exists there but no visual indicator does.

    Towards the red spawn, on the far right hand corner of the map (starting red, facing blue) there is no invisible wall, you can walk through the mesh and fall to your doom.

    All in all, a really solid map. I couldn’t find too many areas that could be broken or exploited, few areas to do the infamous wall hiding (really, none at all). The foundation is there, and I assume many of the visual glitches are already known so this whole bug analysis is likely redundant, but hopefully somewhat helpful.

  • Its hard to say because it’s not finished obviously. The size confused me a bit, we played team deathmatch but the map seems to large for a game mode like that. So I think thats a bit negative unless you plan on making it a TO map split between different objectives.

    Also a bit plain. Perhaps the stereotypical image of places like that are very clean and non-bloated. But in a game it makes it feel like you’re playing an indie fps from 1998.

    Also got the feeling like it was very ‘low res’ but that might be because there needs to be more detail texturing, bumpmaps and decals and such making the whole thing not so repetitive. Or I’m just wrong, but its what I felt. (my settings were maxed during the test session).

    As of map bugs I found one where there’s no ground collision from weapons. Unfortunately we’re not allowed to post screenshots so I have no idea how to explain where it is, but it was a rather semi-large area ^^

    I’m so mean, all criticism and no love. Other than what I wrote above it seems like it could be a very cool map, so don’t get me wrong :)

  • I agree that the map was a bit too large. I think we might had 7v7 on there at some point but it was just so empty… In any case it’s far too early to judge the actually gameplay/balance potential of the map. So I’ll offer my criticism.

    I like the elegant simplicity of the architecture, but it needs a little more variety. That said, some of the detail texturing is very nice. I would personally prefer the map to be a bit smaller (or at least narrower), but maybe open up some of the buildings to create alternate paths and fighting space? A few indoor areas could be cool. The closed buildings feel like a lot of wasted space that cause inflation of map size. There are also super high upper balconies that might be fun if they were accessible.

    The numerous elevation changes can be pretty annoying because there are lots of fences that are too high to jump over, so you spend a lot of time circumnavigating stairs just to get to some guy who is only 10 feet away.

    The pit of death is awesome and this map would be a shameful tragedy if it wasn’t there.

    As mentioned, any given area in the map is suitable for fighting, but that’s basically because it’s a bunch of interconnected open areas. However, given the lack of real directed flow, it’s tough to imagine that two sides (even if they stick together) will meet each other as quickly as they might like given the width of the map.

    bugs: Over by the blue/spartan spawn the fence on the far right side has no collision and you can fall into oblivion. There’s also a gap between a hedge and the floor near there which you can fall through…

    Overall, cool map with lots of potential.

  • Yeah my initial impression so far pretty much agrees what everyone else is saying.

  • Art: It is pretty nice, though because it is so huge, it is a bit unadorned. It would be nice to have more set pieces and stuff for immersion.

    Layout: The layout is not at first intuitive. If I had to guess, it seems like a large square but I am not entirely sure. Perhaps some optimizations needed to fix the flow a bit.

    Balance: Seems fine.

    Size: I kinda like the size, but like I said before, it needs more stuff in it.

    Also, random bug: Sometimes the footstep sounds will not play properly when you switch over surfaces in the map.

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