CTD after map load

  • If I open maps locally it works fine (except 1 map). Whenever I try to connect to the online server it connects, loads the map and then CTD before the loading screen is over.

    I’m currently trying to reinstall the beta so we’ll see how that goes.

    Isn’t there any debugmode or any logfile where you can find exceptions thrown or stacktraces etc so we can post in here in the forums?

    Edit: Reinstalling the beta did not help. And I am running the internal version ofc :)

    My computer specs if it is of any help:

    ASUS P9X79 PRO, Socket-2011
    Intel Core i7-3820
    Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 24GB
    Asus Radeon HD 7970
    Line 6 Podfarm UX2 External Audio interface
    Windows 7 64-bit

  • I’m getting constant crashes when trying to load the map “n5”. I succeeded loading the first map I played, which was an oriental one I think, but not this one.

  • Open Customization and ESC back out of it.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Open Customization and ESC back out of it.

    Oddly enough this sorted it, thanks :d

  • Developer

    It’s that annoying sort of crash that only crops up right before you start testing with other people :D

  • @SlyGoat:

    Open Customization and ESC back out of it.

    Oh lol. I accidentally fixed this same problem by doing this. It crashed twice and I decide to play with the customisation. After that it worked.

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