Simultaneously attacking and parrying bug (not riposte bug)

  • There is a way you can press parry/block during your windup or release without doing a combo-parry.

    And yes, this is not the riposte bug.

    Will revisit this thread once I figure out how to consistently repeat it, but it’s happened a few times for me.

    I suspect it might have to do with attempting a feint to parry at the frame(s) just on / after the unfeintable window crossover.

  • Happened to me too. I was in the middle of an overhead at the same time as one of my opponents. I heard the parry noise mid-release and my opponent’s swing was parried, but my swing continued and killed him.

    I have absolutely no idea how it happened and I can’t replicate it.

  • Bump.

    After some testing it seems to happen when attempting a feint to parry during the exact tick when the unfeintable window passes.

    Sometimes a parry animation plays, sometimes the swing animation plays, but they both happen at the same time.

    It’s really hard to replicate, so I haven’t gotten a good vid of it yet.

  • Just came here to report the same thing happend to me, no idea as to what causes it though.

  • Bump.

    Wondering if anyone ran into this since this patch.

    There was a fix for desyncing of being able to feint after grunting sound, etc. I’m curious if that might have fixed this problem as well.

  • Just confirmed. I saw it happen against a Broadsword MAA. We both went in for stabs (no riposte), his actively deflected mine and struck home. It was odd. I can’t quite pinpoint if there was anything specific that caused it to happen.

  • Pretty sure it has to do with attempting a feint-to-parry on the tick that the unfeintable window just begins.

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    Pretty sure it has to do with attempting a feint-to-parry on the tick that the unfeintable window just begins.

    Sounds about right, I also just saw it happen with a dagger so it likely has something to do with queueing/feint window.

    Unfortunately, as I’ve been on the receiving end of the bug only, I can’t quite say what produced it with too much accuracy.

  • It happened to me too… But I was the one doing it, without knowing how I performed it (I was a MAA with the Broadsword). This is REALLY annoying for both side. Gamers often think you’re hacking and they votekick you. =/

    The topic have been created two weeks ago and no answer from the ulta efficient TBS devs. Greaaaaat !

  • i have been able to do it with a normal overhead, no feinting, no dragging no parrying in the middle… i’ve dont them with a normal everyday overhead attack.

  • Had a guy do this in a duel match (accidently, I imagine) about an hour ago.

  • Bumping to confirm this still happens.

    Absolutely sure it has to do with feinting to parry on the frame (or tick) that the unfeintable window JUST reaches.

  • Also, I know Sly mentioned in the other bug compilation list that he thought it might be people combo-parrying. I think all of us can attest here that that was not the case.

    It is not a combo-parry, and it also has nothing to do with riposte. It is an odd bug for sure, and we should try our best to diagnose it as best as possible for the devs.

  • I got this to happen once. I was so surprised that I had parried while I was in the release of one of my attacks that I just sat there and died, aha.

  • @NoVaLombardia:

    Bumping to confirm this still happens.

    Change your profile pic for a TBS response lol

  • Will look into it.

  • I had this happen too.
    I was a knight fighting a Maa. We went for a trade but my attack was parried and at the same time his connected. So I guess he didn’t want to trade and tried to parry but it was too late.

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