[CANCELED] TK Punishment Mod

  • Added support for KOTH, which I had previously forgot.

  • Coldfire is running a beta server for testing this mod.
    Server is located in Brazil, but shouldn’t matter much for the purpose of testing this.


    TK settings still need to be tweaked, however, the final recommended values will probably come after it hits Live, as we need to work with a populated server to figure out the best values for this.
    It looks good though. All bugs were already solved, and should be ready for release very soon.

  • Added config variable TKIgnoreKing for TO.
    Setting this variable to True will exempt the player playing as King from receiving any TK points from neither team damage nor team kill.

  • Build changelog:

    • Changed: Team damage and team kill done during the PreRound and EndGame phases will be ignored.

  • As of this Build, this mod will only support non-pirated online servers. The reason for this is the use of SteamIDs to keep entries reliable between players, and prevent any type of disconnection exploitation and other nasty things (all data is not replicated and is kept at serverside only).
    This mod however, should never be used for LAN (you do not want to get your friends and/or local PCs banned, do you?), and I don’t care for pirated servers.

    Build Changelog:

    • [FIXED] Changed the way the TK system works by comparing the real health loss, instead of damage (much more precise now).

    • [ADDED] Admin commands. Look below for the commands list.

    • [CHANGED] Anything that can be used as a weapon (DoT included) will now count towards team damage (oilpot, siege weapons, torches, etc).

    • [CHANGED] TK Points and bans will be applied even if the player disconnected before receiving punishment.

    • [CHANGED] Auto punish will now apply under three circumstances. 20 seconds after the player was team killed, when the player respawns, or when the player disconnects. In all cases, the player must’ve been team killed and not typed !f/!forgive or !p/!punish.

    • [CHANGED] Admins (logged) will not be kickbanned for reaching or trespassing TKPointsMax.

    Admin Command List:

    exec function SaveTKValues();
    exec function SetTKPointsPerDamage(int NewValue);
    exec function SetTKPointsPerPunish(int NewValue);
    exec function SetTKPointsPerAutoPunish(int NewValue);
    exec function SetTKPointsRemoveInterval(float NewValue);
    exec function SetTKPointsRemovedPerInterval(int NewValue);
    exec function SetTKPointsMax(int NewValue);
    exec function SetTKBanDuration(float NewValue);
    exec function SetTKIgnoreKing(bool NewValue);
    exec function GetTKValues(optional bool CopyToClipboard);
    exec function GetTKPlayerInfo(optional bool CopyToClipboard);

    Some info for these commands:

    SetTKIgnoreKing: Is only available for Team Objective.

    SaveTKValues: Save current values to the ini.

    GetTKValues: Shows the values for all TK System-related variable (console). The formatted string is in the same format used in the ini files, therefore you can pass true to the command (GetTKValues true) and it will copy to the clipboard aswell, ready to paste in a config.

    GetTKPlayerInfo: Shows every player that has an entry in the TK system and still have his/her PlayerReplicationInfo object around (those entries are kept even when the PRI object is garbage collected, but they won’t be displayed) (console). Format is “PlayerName <steamid>: X TK Points”, where SteamID is the SteamID’s hexadecimal representation (int64/QWORD), and X is the amount of TK Points this player has.</steamid>


    Build Changelog:

    • [FIXED] Further optimization for source code release.

    • [FIXED] TK Points will now be given even when the victim is using a Siege Weapon.

    • [CHANGED] Auto-punish will now be applied when the victim dies for a second time instead of respawning to allow more time on faster respawn game modes. Disconnect and 20 seconds timeout still apply.


    GitHub: https://github.com/GreatOldOne/CMWTKP
    Branches: master (current stable build fitted for live), Testing (current unstable build fitted for beta).

  • Canceled.

    Haven’t played the game for months now, and I’m tired of waiting for TBS to come with a solution which have been talked to death several times in the past.

    I’ll leave the GitHub repository behind as to allow others to use my code if desired.

  • Cant blame ya pal.

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