In-Game Customizable Music

  • Yep, the title pretty much explains it, in-game music that you can get by dragging and dropping music into a folder, then being able to select it in-game to listen to so it doesn’t lag up your game as much, I’m not sure if this is possible to do to have less lag or even be able to do at all, but i’m glad you have listened, thanks

  • I don’t see why this is needed.
    I always have music running in the background while playing chivalry and never notice any lag or performance problems. What computer are you using?
    Just open up a music player while running chivalry. It’s very easy to just alt tab and select another song and continue playing.
    That actually may be one of the most redeeming factors of this game, I’ve never had a crash from alt tabbing unlike many many other games.

  • This game has a pretty smooth alt tab. But that’s becuase the unreal engine doesn’t freak out at it. As unstable as it is.

    The only developer I have seen to take the time to make alt tab work is the creative assembly with their total war games. They actually have a loading screen come up when you alt tab back in so it works every time.

    Anyway create a playlist in a music player and boom you are listning to music.

  • I’d sort of like to hear “Now your soul returns to paradise!” every time I off someone- It would be pretty cool to have a system where you can sort of macro different sound clips to play on the… what do you guys call it, the “client side”?

    For just listening to music, when I do, I play a youtube video with one of Sabaton’s full albums. Never noticed an increase in ping or an adverse effect on gameplay, except getting mauled from behind because I couldn’t hear anything.


    At start of match: Swedish Pagans, marching ashore…
    When Last Man Standing: Baptized in Fire, Forty to One!
    Upon scoring a kill with a crossbow: You’re in the bullet’s way, the White Death’s prey…
    Upon making a recovery and/or a “push”: They are the Panzer Elite, born to compete, never retreat- Ghost Division!
    Upon scoring first blood: First to the battle, first to the feast, destiny’s waiting, no retreat!"
    Upon Carolean getting mauled: Rode to certain death and pain, Swedish soldiers met their bane; sacrificed their lives in vain- Poltava!
    Upon killing someone with the traps on Frigid: They were the heroes of the cold… Warrior soul!

  • As Caroleon said, have a more organized playlist so it starts playing at a “checkpoint” in the game

  • there already IS in game customizable music.

    Step 1.) go to your options, and then audio/sound

    Step 2.) turn in game music all the way down

    Step 3.) use a separate program to play music with

    Step 4.) Profit.

    On a more serious note, for more immersion they could get rid of hud indicators and allow the music to let you know when objectives are being completed or close to it somehow.

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