New content question/help

  • So I understand a while ago that there was a beefy, beautiful new update that added tons of new things like maps, modes, and other things. However, It seems that out of this content, the only thing I’ve actually been able to play with is the new weapons. I didn’t get any of the new maps or the new modes when I play offline with the bots. However, I have been able to play on some of the maps and modes online. Is all this new stuff only accessible to online play, or am I missing something or just about everything here?

  • This is an online game.

    Single player was an afterthought. They pretty much used the singleplayer for testing. And just kept it in at the games release.

    So they haven’t made the new stuf for singleplayer.

    You can use some console commands to open the new maps and mode. And then you can use the commands to add bots.

    But this is a multiplayer game.

  • Dang, I wondered if that was the case….well, at least I know now. Thank you!

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