[IN PROGRESS] Chivalry "Hide n Seek"/ Hunt Map

  • Hey folks. I created this map to break into the UDK again and to get adjusted/familiar with the layout and tools etc.

    The premise is simple. Cat chases mouse. How does this work you might ask?

    The goal for the Agathians is to survive until the end of the round. The goal for the Masons is to slaughter the Agathians before the round is over.

    The map is set in a dark forest at night time. Plenty and foliage and rocks are there for you to hide behind / in. There are landmarks and points of interest across the map so that one who plays enough can get some basic bearings.

    Version 3

    Game-play Rules in spoiler!

    ! 1.)Two players join Mason and select Vanguard. They select the best weapons they think are good for archer hunting.
    ! –--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Everyone else chooses Agatha and selects archer. The weapon choice here does not matter because the archers will be going with fist.
    ! 2.)The game-mode it is currently based in is Team Death-match. Both sides spawn at the same time, however the Masons spawn further away to allow the Agathians time so that they may grab torches and flee into the woods.
    ! 3.) Everyone on the Agatha team (archers) Should have their Field of view set to 85 at ALL times!
    ! You can change this easily by opening your in game console (~Tilde key) and typing:
    ! ! fov 85 !–-----------------------------------
    ! You can easily switch back by changing the number of the command. Masons may play at ANY settings they wish.
    ! –---------------------------------------------
    ! 4.)This brings us to the next aspect of this map. There is the torch pit on the way out of the Agathian spawn which they are required to use. An archer must hold the a torch at ALL times. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    ! 5.)Upon grabbing a torch, an archer then proceeds to jump off the wooden platform and into the the dark forest. The entire forest is grounds for hiding. The only place that is off limits is the spawn cliff (There is no way back up).
    ! 6.)Seconds after they disappear into the trees, the Mason vanguards will be leaping down the cliff; in a feverish pursuit.
    ! 7.)The round lasts 10:00 Minutes from the time the Masons begin the chase. If TWO archers are all that remain BEFORE the 10 minute time limit is up, they must simply last 2 minutes.
    ! 8.)Regardless of who wins, the last two remaining archers become the hunters the following round.
    ! 9.) As of the current build, the following rules are based on honor rules. This map is in early testing and is meant to be played in a private environment/ Voice communication server.

    Simple Voice channel rules (optional)

    ! These rules help make the game-play more enjoyable for groups of friends using voice communication.
    ! -Make 3 different channels under a master channel.
    ! -(Example master channel name)
    ! -Hunters
    ! -Spectators
    ! -Survivors
    ! This way everything is organized. When no one is playing they can minimize the master channel so it is just seen as the game mode name.



    ! Main room of the Agatha spawn.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/d17ePAxh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Side room of the Agatha spawn. Contains addition spawn points.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/EP4vjdph.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Area connecting the Agatha and Mason spawns. Contains the fire-pit.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/JW7PQrth.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Same area, different angle. Woah!
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/wympHLZh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! A look into the Mason spawn room!
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/MMzeizMh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! The room after the Mason spawn.
    ! The spawn room in the previous shot is visible through the door way!
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/AImSYEdh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Outside of the mason spawn. The doorway on the left leads to the room in the previous picture.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/i4STjlah.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Same area, different angle.
    ! The area with the fire pit and drop-off is visible down the path on the right.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/66SlBSlh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! The jump into the darkness…
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/csfALwVh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! What lurks below?! Danger approaches from behind… You have no choice!
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/uV7ZLP3h.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! A shot of the woods.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/pBdwdRlh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Another shot of a tree trunk and some shrooms.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/B9xvN7Lh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! A small hill…height does not mean safety…
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/4CgF5bah.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Ruins of a campsite. :o
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/JGwTyWmh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! One of the most import areas of the map. I implemented this feature for all the %#$$&$ who are afraid of the dark. During the match they will most likely $#!% themselves and will begin to smell like a**. The rest of the archers don’t want some smelly $@!%-bag following them around leaving a trail for others to find. For your team-mates sake, I highly suggest taking care of business here before $#%^ hits the fan.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/cr2Pn38h.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Hmm, good thing one of these fellows can’t come alive and chase us through the woods, huh?
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/2HTY4KVh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! View of some old ruins.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/eccDuRZh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Another shot of the woods.
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/9UXMJggh.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    ! Is that a wagon? What could of happened here!?
    ! [image:13o8nluc]http://i.imgur.com/9gZ50u1h.jpg[/image:13o8nluc]
    ! –----------------------------------------------------------------------
    Imgur Album



    Things to add ( or change):

    • Playable Skeletons: Change the Mason Team/ Vanguards to look like Skeletons/undead. This is possible through scripting. It will also be easier to do because TBS already has Skeleton player models with working animations.

    • Making this a game mode: The goal is to make this a game mode. All the rules you see above will be implemented ( give or take some minor or major alterations) I simply laid out the the rules so that upon the first release, people may test it and enjoy it with friends. Feed back and game-play mechanics and what would be cool is welcome!

    • More Detail: Just adding more rocks, bushes and environmental detail. Possibly more landmarks or points of interest across the map.

    -Neon Grass: “Breakfast this F’n Grass is glowing! @#!& you and @#!& your map!” Yes i will be removing this -.- (The model was not effected by the light for some reason. no biggie though. There are plenty of grasses to choose from.)

    Please comment and give feedback! Once the download is ready id appreciate it if you and your friends would play a bit and tell me how it went! Any suggestions as to what could be added or things to change are welcome. I’ll be sure to respond to any questions and comments as well! Thanks for your time. :D


    ! SOON!
    More to come!

  • I love things like this

  • Cool! ;) Lookin’ forward to this.

  • Happy to help you make a video for this and what not, any help you need. Good luck, sounds interesting.

  • I can already see some tense Slender type of sh*t coming from this mod.

  • @Vlad:

    I can already see some tense Slender type of sh*t coming from this mod.

    That is indeed one of the inspirations behind this mod. You can find an older post by Treeoctopus regarding slenderman chivalry. Lg kinda made it up as a mini game on the outside of one of trees maps. It was referred to as “slender”. Then i had the idea to make a dedicated mod/ map :P

  • @YarnuTheDog:

    Happy to help you make a video for this and what not, any help you need. Good luck, sounds interesting.

    Thank you! I would be more than happy if you would join me and bunch of other people in lg to play test it. Mind you, it is I who hosts it on a client side server which results in some higher pings for players on the western coast. I couldn’t imagine what yours would be like coming from Aus XD. Feel free to add me on steam ( Lg | Breakfast Warrior ).

  • Will it be made so that the rules dont have to be enforced through voice chat/manually?

  • Yea. I apologize for the lack of updates. Ive been super busy with other things in the RL lately. To answer your Question, Yes once it is complete, there will be no need to “enforce” the rules manually.

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