• hello there.well i have to admit that i’m fun of objective.some of the objectives require to kill the king.i was very lucky in my last 3 missions and i killed the king.i saw afterwords that the hp points and the objective points are too low when you kill the my suggestion is to get more points whoever kill the king and also it would by nice if we see his name under the last screen that inform us that king is dead.thanks.

  • I want this, too. Killing the king should definitely warrant some major recognition for that player, and major shame to the TKer. Killing him should also give like 300 obj points or something.

  • Agreed, this would be very nice indeed.

  • I want my 100 gold pieces.

    I’ve actually teamkilled the king more than I have killed him from the enemy team. I once embedded a heavy javelin in his face by accident and another time my vanguard decided to leap past my target and skewer the king on the end of a brandistock. Wasn’t mr popular after those.

    I got the agathian king teamkilled once. The king decided to hide right in the agathian spawn. And I was an archer with a cudgel. I was raping him in a Corner pretty much. Some of his team spawned but they were all hitting the walls and the roof as you can’t swing a two hander in there at all. A fire pot came into play also. Finally one of those idiots worked out how to stab bit stabbed me through the back and his king in the stomach killing both of us. It was hilarious.

  • 250 points for whoever kills the king.

    1000 points for whoever donks his crown off his head. Maybe tie in an achievement to this as well seeing as how rare it can be. :P

  • How cool would it be if you could lop his head with the killing blow.

    10,000 gold pieces.

  • @giantyak:

    How cool would it be if you could lop his head with the killing blow.

    10,000 gold pieces.

    Well you can kinda make his head explode with the Quarter Staff. Though I think his head is still there but yes!
    I want to be able to crush his head in or chop it off at least! :P

  • I’m all for point rewards for killing the king, or at least a notification who did the final blow. It gives motivation to be the guy killing the king and encourages more carefull behaviour around him. Maybe even at a table that show how much percentage of damage was done by whom.
    Oh and yes: Make him decapitable.

    You might also add costumization rewards if you kill the king 10 times. 10x killing Malrik gives you an Agatha specific emblem, killing the steward 10 times yields a mason specific emblem.
    like this:

    only more creative

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