My look at the game, combat, etc.

  • First I would like to say that I like the game, I think its a good game.The combat is fun, intense and tactical. Each class has it weaknesses and bonuses, so has each weapon. You decide how to play and you can choose quite many options. Though what is the effective combat style, weapon and class is quite limited.

    I have played 21 hours and I would say I understand the game pretty well now. I “always” get on the top of the scoreboard. I hope my impressions will help with balancing the game. :)

    The most “effective” play types are from my point of view:

    -Rambo with short sword or mace. Combo in the face, not much skill involved. But hey, deadly play style.

    -Spear user, stabs fast and does much damage, long reach. As a added bonus you can keep the enemy out of range. Hard to use as you need to be very good at blocking otherwise faster classes will just smash your head off. Good all around style, not good against 3 or more opponents alone.

    -Gigant hammer user, not very effective alone. But if you have allies around you, you can use the downwards attack and kill enimes with one strike while they are busy with your teammate. You need some luck to kill fast enemies, one strike to the head is all that is needed to kill the fast ones. But they can easily rambo you.

    Fix this please!
    One major exploit I found was with the archer, you can choose the spear and shield. If you use secoundary attack (shield bash), the attack is so fast and hits thorugh blocks!? You can hit and hit an enemy until he dies, he cant block or get away. Seems I am the only one who found this so far, afik. Did that to a dev many times a few hours ago, his name was eeh, B(something) plays on EU server.
    Yes this attack is “faster” and more effetive than the dagger. It’s friggin overpowered. You can take on Knights head on. LOL!

    Sometimes when throwing spears in a fast succession you can do anything afterwards. You can attack or block, only walk. It seems to fix it if you throw another spear.

    Throw spears in a fast succession and you will lose the model infront of you. You can throw away spears but they wont appear in the game and you can do any damage.
    This fixes itself after about 10 sec or so. But I mostly die in that timeframe…

    The firepots, fine you added them okey. But they mess up the way the game flows, magical super magma pots which grills you alive if you stand on them. O no! Gotto dodge them all!..

    I have played it for 21 hours now. But I find the lag spikes and lag genneraly ruins the intense close combat, as blows go through you block, they teleport around, etc.
    So I won’t be playing the beta much anymore. I hope this will be improved, as it is the biggest deal breaker for me.


  • Most of what you said is right, and they are known issues, yes the javelin unblockable shield bash, even I know it and I don’t play the game…lol

    and that B(something) person had to be Blaine, if I guess right, since you said Europe :P

  • Really? haven’t met a singe player using it so far. That seems rather far fetched from my playtime.
    You lurk the forums too much…

    Blaine that was him yeah.

  • Haha yes that would be me, but I’m not actually a Dev anymore. That flipping Javelin shield bash was an absolute pain.

  • @Andrew:

    You lurk the forums too much…

    Truth to be told.

  • @Andrew:

    -Rambo with short sword or mace. Combo in the face, not much skill involved. But hey, deadly play style.

    Signed. This is my biggest concern (apart from the lag spikes) at the moment. As I already posted and I can only repeat myself…
    Slashing is just way too easy and way too effective. Once you fail to block the blow (try that with 2 or more ppl slashing towards you!), you’re basically fucked.
    Good thing is, people that dont hit you with the 2nd blow are also fucked. But there’s very few of them being THAT dull to miss you twice. 8-)

    If you still don’t want to believe me, just join on one server and look what all the Archers, MAA exceptionally, Vanguards + swords and Knights + swords/maces do.
    It’s just no fun anymore. Imagine a clusterfuck of 6 ppl (3vs3) and everyone is just slashing around.

    I have countless examples where I would have survived if I hadn’t been hit by some retard-slasher that was to dull to see the fight was already over and then getting hit by some other enemy slasher -->dead.
    Also, no one really seems to care about it since everybody is doing it.

    Slashing is good for hitting and killing several enemies in front of you, but it should NOT be dulled down and misused as basic and ONLY attack.

    I don’t know how you want to handle this, but if you don’t nerf/change/remove it, this game will be dulled down to a Hack ‘n’ Slay MMO. Which would be very sad since the combat is so much deeper and challenging than most players know and simply deserves to be USED. Goddammit! :D

  • In AOC i loved the slash, because it was so easy to hit the enemy. But in CMW i dont like it that much because its now easier to hit the enemy with a stab or an overhead. Why? Most slashes are slow and easy to block and you have that little white point(,crosshair"), so you know where you have to aim your stabs and overheads.(my opinion) And you should not forget, that every weapon has its own stats and a ,best attack", which isnt often the slash. (you will never can stop the noobs, who are killing their team with a slash^^)

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