Please improve the mute options

  • The “mute all” option is a great idea and it works fine, but as far as I know (If I’m wrong, please correct me) there is no way to mute or mute all in duel games.

    Duel games have a tendency of being very problematic when it comes to “fights” in the chat, mostly because it is one on one competition, and people tend to get mad and cry when they lose. When you have been playing it for a long time, this can get really annoying.

    It would be great if there was a “muteall” console command, which you could use to mute everyone in any kind of game. And some kind of sign on the player name on TAB menu, that identifies this players is playing with “mute all”.

    It would also be useful, to be able to configure the game to not display the chat box, which is pretty useless and waste a lot of screen space when you are playing with “mute all”.

    I hope something can be made to help it, it would further improve the already great game experience.


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