Interview with Lead Designer and Audio Director

  • Hey guys! I just posted an interview I did with Steve Piggot (Lead Designer) and Ryan Patrick Buckley (Audio Director). You can read it here: . I talked with them about the sacrifices they made to make the game and what went into the audio portion of design. Check it out!

    See you on the battlefield! I’ll be the one frantically throwing javelins then dying as I try to switch weapons.

  • Awesome stuff here. Happy to see an interview focused so much around sound work - couldn’t agree more that it’s way overlooked in games for how much it effects the experience. Games get high praise for graphical style and beauty all the time, but you never hear anything about the sound work, except perhaps for the musical score. And Chivalry definitely has award winning sound work, especially considering it’s mostly one guy and a bunch of amateur actors.

  • Thanks man! Glad you liked it! Yeah, sound can be overlooked so easily. Chivalry’s sound is fantastic, it blows me away everytime I play. The sound of a guy choking on his own blood after you shoot him in the throat with an arrow is just gruesome, in an awesome way. Hope to see you guys online soon!

  • Developer

    Jordan! This interview turned out awesome! Really appreciate you giving us the opportunity and could tell you were a true gamer! Great to see you join the community,


  • Developer

    Thanks Jordan! Great interview, you can tell you game and know alot about the industry and enjoyed your perspective, had a great time speaking with you! See you on the field!

  • Yeah, I log many more hours gaming than I should. Put about 10 into Chivalry so far. If I didn’t have to work it would probably be triple that. Love it.

    Since I’m on the forums I’ll use this opportunity to say this:

    To all my past and future teammates “sorry about the arrows in the back, I was aiming for the other guy”

    And JackBaldy wherever you are I hate you. Only because I envy how great you are with a shield and hammer, and I will never be able to best you 1v1. You have single-handedly made me afraid of LTS servers.

  • I agree.

    Epic quotation is epic :
    There is something missing in those games that I see in Chivalry – heart and soul.

    Thanks again Torn Banner !

  • Developer

    Just like the support we got in kickstarter, an interviewer going more than skin deep like that. Keeps us going. Once more into the breach! Release soon! It’ll be a good day to die!

  • Hmm, I have actual Surround Sound, not PC speakers, not a headset, but 5.1 speakers, surrounding me, with a Receiver and all that.

    I hope it really does work well. So few games make use of ACTUAL Surround Sound. They’ll have like a random noise in the back every once in awhile, but will be missing most things.

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