My rank is locked since 1 month

  • Hello,

    I have a problem,since 1 month my rank is locked,i am actually rank 41.
    Since I killed alot but i am not 42.
    I know it’s a bug because a friend have the same problem,he is level 34 since 1 month.
    I do not know what to do, I hope my kills were took into account.

    EDIT : i played 50 hours since my level 41.

    Thank you.

  • Takes a long time.

    Took me two months to go from 46-47. And thats in FFA mostly too.

  • @Mr_Dawn:

    EDIT : i played 50 hours since my level 41.

    Rank is based on kills (and assists to a smaller extent), and the number of kills required to rank up in the 40s is HUGE. You could play 50 hours, not kill much, and you would not rank up.

    Were you increased in rank from a lower level? I apologize for asking that, but it seems like you’re not knowledgeable about how this works for someone of such a high level (level 40 can take 300-500 hours to reach).

    At level 39 I specifically remember it took me 2-3 weeks of playing (and I played A LOT… probably like 30-40 hours a week) to rank up playing team objective and averaging between 25-50 kills per game.

  • Ranks always been a problem for me, once I was rank 50 but I went down to 45… Ranking doesn’t take very long, you can get from rank 0 to 38 in around 150 hours doing pure ffa (and mostly winning) :o

    If you want to check if you are gaining exp and kills when killing people you can check your ini files on your pc, go to C:\Users<user>\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config and go on udkstats to see your amount of exp, and play some chivalry for a while and wait for it to reload the new one and you should see your exp go up, if it doesn’t then you are definitely rank locked. But remember it all depends on what game mode you’re playing.</user>

  • the algorithim for ranking got changed a couple patchs ago so every 1 lost rank.
    atm every rank from 40-49 takes 5000 kills 50-59 10,000 and it just keeps doubling
    unless ur mowing down cunts 24/7 in ffa it takes a long time to rank up. takes me like a month now to get 10,000 kills.

  • Took me 5 months to get from lvl 39 to lvl 40. Didn’t play too much but still… :?
    If TB just added a progress-bar everything would be easier.

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