Any way to assign Bots?

  • Alot of times I just want to mess around with the game while at the office and don’t want to get involved in MP but whenever I create a game the bots are almost always assigned completely assymetrical. Meaning if I add 16 bots -all or most will go to one side making it pretty much unplayable.

    Is there a console command or config change I can alter to have better control of this? I understand UI improvements can take time so I’m not asking for that - just a way to create balance.

  • console

    Addbots 10

    should split them up.

    Note that bots are supported in LTS, TD, FFA, and KOTH.

  • Ahh nice! At first I just allowed the standard 5 in at gamestart and they all went Blue -but after ‘addbot 10’ they did come in to even out the teams -thanks!

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