3 bugs - spectating and server list

  • -When spectating for a period of time, after selecting a team and class/weapon layout, message if given that you will respawn soon, but the respawn never happens. I’ve only had this happen after spectating for an extended amount of time, 5+ mins maybe, and it will always happen.

    Second bug is more of a design oversight, but has caused me to join the wrong game, followed by having to re-launch chivalry because I’ll get the other server list bug afterwords. Although they aren’t related.
    -When a server is highlighted and the server list is populating, if a newly found server would be put above the highlighted server, the highlighted server will change to the one above it.

    edit: 3rd bug
    -When spectating another player in first person mode, the person’s vertical angle never changes.

  • I can confirm both. I was spectating a server for a round last night and when the server switched to duel mode I then couldn’t spawn, even though my opponent did - and then the duel would never end until one of us left. The only way I managed to fix it was to restart steam.

  • Just a handy hint until these bugs get fixed. You don’t have to relaunch chivalry to get the servers to show up again. Just create a bot game, and exit to menu as soon as it loads up.

  • thanks for the hint jrmftw.

    I have tried that before and most the time it hadn’t worked for me, but it has a few times.

  • These are already reported.

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