Unlimited throwing knives and hatchets?

  • I was in a team deathmatch and this other player kept throwing 7 to 8 hatchets, anyone else seen this?

  • It’s either server settings, lots of stops at the ammo box, or hacking.

  • no ammo boxes on that map, he was just spamming hatchets like it was arrows.

  • If you throw an axe into someone’s shield and then touch that shield, you will get your axe back.

    So there’s that.

  • Oh, that sounds like a fun mode. Just throwing weapons and fists, or something.

    Yeah, probably hacking. I’m not aware of any server settings that permit unlimited throwables.

    Boy, that sounds fun, though.

  • @Carolean:

    Oh, that sounds like a fun mode. Just throwing weapons and fists, or something

    throwing fists

    SDK gurus? Get cracking. I want to see some rocket fists.

    But yeah, you can pick up throwables by walking over them on the ground if you miss. Same deal for on corpses and if they are sticking out of players you hit / on their shield.

  • no he was spamming them like 8 or 10 at a time. He/she was not picking them up from the ground/shield etc… I should have fraps it. quite disconerting with cheaters, ruins the game in the end.

  • Yesterday during a match we had a pretty bad lag spike, and all the while I could keep throwing axes, presumably because the server didn’t acknowledge the previous ones as spent.

    I thought it was weird because the client should know as well, but hey, it worked so I kept throwing them.The guy I kept hitting looked like a coat hanger after about 12 of them before I disconnected.

    I’m still wondering what would have happened if the lag spike cleared up before disconnecting, and how much hits would have been registered.

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