Error code 83

  • I’ve been playing Chivalry since it came out and AoC before that. Chivalry has been working fine for me pretty much since I installed it until now. Now out of the blue whenever I try to run it it goes like its a first time install for a split second then disappears. Nothing happens for a few seconds and then a steam message pops up saying Chivalry failed to start: error code 83. I have no idea what started this or how to fix it. The kicker was I just unlocked all the veteran helmets :/
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Try verifying your game cache:

    Right click on Chivalry, properties, local files and verify game cache.

    Another thing to check is your firewall settings.

  • Yeah I tried to verify the integrity of the game cache and that didn’t help. And my firewall doesn’t seem to be the problem. I really don’t want to have to resort to deleting and reinstalling it if I can help it either. I’m just gonna email steam support and hope for the best. Thanks anyway though, hopefully this pans out. I’d really like to play Chivalry some more.

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