Transparency Bug

  • Hi there!

    I’ve been dealing with a weird transparency bug since I got the game two days ago. You can take a look at the attached picture and see right through my arms. This is especially annoying with the knight, as you can see, but it also freaks out with the archer.

    I’ve tried quite a couple of trouble shoots, including reinstalling and adding Chivalry to my Nvidia Control Panel, but nothing seems to work.

    I hope somebody can help me out on this one?


  • I’m not exactly too sure what you are talking about here.

    If you mean the shoulders being see through, then that’s just a problem with the field of view.

    It looks like you’ve set your FoV at around 120.

    The models stop being drawn at a certain point so you will get this effect when you start to go above the normal 90 FoV.

    There is no way to fix this when you are playing with FoV set that high, only if TB go and draw more of the model but this would only cause screen clutter as they would need to work on the shoulders and parts of the helmet which would obstruct the players view.

  • I find 103 FOV is when you start seeing through your arms.

  • Arh, I see. What a shame it’s just the field of view.
    I thank you for your assistance :D

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