[Bug] Rocketjump while hugging the canyon.

  • Hey yo.

    Played Objective server today and in the map where you have to kill the heir of the throne by crossing the river from either the fallen tree route or the bridge, I accidentally fell into the water from the defenders side of the river, near the fallen tree. The fall didn’t kill me nor did the water. I tried to move around and then pressed Spacebar while hugging the sides of the canyon which skyrocketed me high up in the air and onto the level from which I originally dropped. I didn’t take any damage of the glitch jump n’ drop.

    Is it on purpose that you survive the fall? It kinda glitches at the bottom of the canyon, maybe the map designer should make a deeper canyon so this glitch wont occur in the future. The canyon should be more like arenas death pit in the Arena map, surely. 8-)

  • A screen grab of the general area would help immensely. F12 and it saves it to you steam profile.

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