Some Game Browser Suggestions

  • Hey, i love Chivalry: MW, and have some ideas with the Game browser.

    First would be to remember filter settings. I regularly check “No Empty Servers”, “No Full Servers”, etc. and when i close the game and rejoin, the settings dont save! its a very minor annoyance, and it by no means will stop me from playing, but it would be a welcome addition.

    Another simple addition would be that in the game browser, when you have selected a game, you can hit ‘enter’ it would join the server.

    thirdly, whenever if i join a server, and am promptly told that i cannot join, it puts me back in the main menu, it would be helpful if it put me where i last was, the game browser.

    Finally, this may not be a game browser suggestion, but im wondering if a borderless window mode is planned, i like to play non-fullscreen, and the border is a little awkward.

    Thanks for your time!


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