Where is the windup??

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e7V5ZMU … e=youtu.be

    been seeing this more and more this patch, its not just lookdown overheads either.
    sometimes the game just decides to show 1 frame of the windup, faster weapons seem to be more notorious claymore and broadsword especially. ive slowed this right down on my comp there’s 2 frames in the windup then it jumps strait to release.
    recorded at 60fps both people have 40 ping and so do i.

    edit: just realised how shitty quality that upload was gonna reupload soon
    edit2: also if u look close the yellow vanguard gets flinched in release

  • I’m wondering WTF happened to the yellow vanguard.

    Otherwise that looks like completely normal gameplay considering there’s two claymores and its a lookdown overhead.

    Also YouTube is at 30 FPS so we won’t be able to see what your seeing.

  • I’m wondering WTF happened to the yellow vanguard.

    If I recall correctly in game options is “bodydrag” setting - it controls the radius at which bodies remain on the ground. I think that if you set it at 0 your dead enemies will simply disappear. However, I might be wrong.

  • That’s just how fast the Claymore is… Looked perfectly normal.

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