VG weapon suggestion

  • I think it’d be great if the VG had a variance of the grand maul.

    Something like the diablo 1 ‘staff’ (two hand weapon) made from wood with metal studs.

    This could be similar to the polehammer, but as its made from wood it’d be lighter and you’d use it more like a baseball bat…or perhaps in a similar way to the pole-axe of the knight. BUT as it is lighter it’d be faster and have better range then those two weapons.
    or looking like this

  • Like a 2handed cudgel?

    I’ve seen that thing on BudK… Why the hell am I still subscribed to that magazine?

  • The Godendag (a Flemish weapon very similar to this) was already suggested. People actually liked the idea.

    A good suggestion much better than the usual “make a clone of a existing weapon with the flair of a different culture” (Katana, Naginata etc…).

  • Yeah you guys are on the money. I know this idea had been discussed before quite some time ago, but i think it was buried amongst other suggestions and i hadn’t seen any progress on this particular idea which does fit the requirements for this game IMHO.

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