'Sliding' attacks off parries

  • The option to continue a combo after being parried at the expense of damage would make for more interesting fights against multiple opponents.

    In terms of fairness I don’t really see this being too powerful considering if you do this and your opponent counterattacks, only range will save you - but at the same time having your attack parried is often fatal in fights against multiple people, due to the small period of time in which you can’t really do anything offensive.

    This kind of attack could be done by holding the mouse wheel down at the start, and would only do some fraction of the damage of a normal swing, but still flinch opponents. This would also discourage multiple people surrounding one person in team games, as if their teammate parries, the attack could still slide off and hit them.

    I guess the animations could potentially look quite weird if a sword passing through an opponent counts as a block, so maybe it should only apply at a certain distance with respect to the weapon length. In any case I think it’s worth testing.

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