Pirate Map Feedback -Island-

  • Yar har har.


    Thoughts on:

    Also Bugs and Personal thoughts.

  • I can see the map’s detail even while its still just on the rough sketch area.
    Lots of rocks and sand and a cave with bones and treasure inside?
    I like it either way. But still more to come for me to give my opinion on the art.

    I like the coconut tree meshes.
    Mason/Samurai spawn on this map should maybe have a boat or a ship? Or you could incorporate one to the left side of the map (From samurai spawn, right from spartan) since that part looks like its mostly terrain with not a-lot of detail planned? Walk through ship might be interested.

    Flow is nice, feels alot like FFA_Bespin from Jedi Outcast if anyone played. Theres two main ways between two sides of the map with one mid path thats not that very obvious.

    I think you should be able to fire the cannons at least one of them. - Also the bridge must definitely be narrower- and a rope bridge!!! its a really good tactical area for a big team.

    Last thing I can think of is that you should put in a hidden guybrush somewhere as an easter egg.

  • Art: Flawless cell shade look did you guys take inspiration from cube world? :P

  • This map is giving me flashbacks to the glory days of UT2k4

  • [youtubehd:2jfi3612]X1hCG9efZpM[/youtubehd:2jfi3612]

  • Art: To be fair, non-existent at this stage. I look forward to seeing more assets later. The palm trees looked nice, and I love the skull mounted atop the island, and I too would like to see the cannons be usable

    Layout: The bridge on the far left side of the map provided a lot of tactical fun, especially considering we all have access to ranged weapons of some type. I enjoyed this map for the vertical play and many bridges, it really does invoke a sense of hit and run pirate gameplay. I would like to see more done with the middle in this regard, as a hole that leads into a cave system that doesn’t go anywhere but towards one teams spawn feels weak and I avoided that area at all costs, due to it just feeling like a time sink trying to get back to the fight.

    Flow: Around the edges of the map, everything flowed nicely, and I was able to jump up each stepped ledge with ease. Towards the center of the map, the cave should act as a connecting point between the different sections of the map. At the moment, the cave system doesn’t connect enough of the map together to be worth going into, and often just leads you to running around looking for the fight again. I would also like to see a bridge from the far left side of the map into the center, similar to what the right side of the map has, to bring the focus of combat towards the center of the map and really highlight the cave.

    Fairness: I’m not a huge fan of maps that force you to jump down out of spawn because it leaves you susceptible to enemy overhead strikes as you’re falling, especially if you’re being spawn camped. Consider placing ammo boxes in the spawns so that if being spawn camped, the Spartans or other classes of warrior who don’t have access to bows like the Samurai, can sit up high and toss weapons down until the enemy team has to back off. Or create a second area to exit from.

    Size: Felt a little bit on the large side, but expanding the caves in the center of the map would greatly help in reducing travel time. I got that sense of the Spartan map again, where I would like to see more connecting points so I don’t feel like I have to take a long route to get to the enemy team.

    Bugs: None that I noticed, other than falling through the map upon death and being able to jump off the edge of the map.

    Final Edit: [image:1zv9s1zj]http://www.imageslime.com/img/Booty-Bay-Sunset-3944.png[/image:1zv9s1zj]
    The above is Booty Bay from WoW. Back in the Vanilla days, this town was the pvp hot spot, and what made this area particularly fun to fight in was that you could climb from rooftop to rooftop, hide in buildings, and climb up the nets and across ropes. The many connecting points made for interesting combat flow, with players using vantage points and quick escapes, as well as diving into the water below to hide. I think having some ropes and other connecting elements would be excellent, allow players an almost parkour like experience when traversing between the different routes.

  • Well hard to comment on the art at this point, but it was still immediately obvious that it was a pirate themed map, so I guess that’s a good sign.

    I liked the narrow bridge that serves as a flanking route, can see some cool bridge duels or jumping drop-down ambush attacks happening there. I think this idea of providing opportunities for having fights on narrow bridges/walkways/ledges/fallen trees etc would certainly be in keeping with what you see in the piratey movies so perhaps a few more opportunities for this would be good- maybe have something like a fallen tree crossing the hole above the cave area and make the hole slightly wider?

    It needs a Kraken.

  • This is my single player review. With no bots.

    The giant skull is really cool, but I really like it when the skull is shaped out of rock. Like submerged into the water with rocks for teeth jutting out the water. But that skull looks great too. The water looks cool. But the reflection looks like it has more then clouds in it. And its to straight edge at the moment on the shore line, but I’m sure you already no that. I like the cannons and the tied up guys, if we cannot shoot the cannons that would be a real shame.

    The bridge looks like a lot of fun. One side is death the other… The beach! The multiple levels takes you out of 2d mode and into 3d.

    Steps are a nice addition, in the sense they add variety, its something new. Though they could effect the fluidity. They should be fine as long as they’re aren’t to many steps, I’m talking about the steps that require you to jump. This map seems easy to navigate without to many obstacles.

    Seems fair, but whoever has the closest access to the roof likely has the advantage.

    Pretty big map. But its flow makes that ok, with the multiple levels and area beyond the point a to point b to spawn, it could be to big, but idk what is in store for this map. It does not seem like it has wasted space. I don’t want to say to big because its probably not with the right game modes.

    with bots

    Well the bots on this map were pretty clueless, they pretty much camped their spawn. When my Viking loaded his camera was to the side, first person just showed his ribs. Can’t wait for the paint! Those floating boxes must be ships to aye aye. A beautiful day to a storm at the end of the game would be cool.

  • Layout: Might need an easier way to spot people from one side of the map to the other? So if both teams end up choosing the opposite way to run you can more easily find them.

    Flow: People like to mass up and push out a group this can be an issue if both teams don’t run into each other soon, but this seems a problem on each map so far. Most likely won’t be an issue with more people that are less coordinated.

    Fairness: Nothing seems to imbalance either side.

    Size: As you said in mumble all these recent maps will work best with 12v12+ so the size isn’t an issue.

  • Art
    Not much to say at this point except the giant skull is awesome and the trees and water look really nice.

    The ninja map and this map have my favorite layouts so far.

    The bridges make for some good multi level combat and it is a bundle of fun snipe from that one tree your not supposed to be able to get to that Keith found… so I probably shouldn’t count on doing that much longer.
    The cave is fun to though I with I could walk on the rock structures down there to gain a bit of a height advantage.

    The flow of battle seemed very well paced so long as I was on the right side of the island.

    The map seems reasonably fair with the exception of one side being able to rush the others spawn (I know that will be fixed though so no real complaints otherwise)

    I can get around the whole map in a fair amount of time and I am usually never to far off from whatever action is going down at the moment with out being to close either.


  • Art

    The art is pretty good so far. The water, trees, rocks, skull mountain, cannons and other assets look really great. They do a wonderful job of giving it the pirate theme. I can’t wait to see what else is added. Possibly broken down ships off in the distance?


    It’s pretty good. There’s lots of ways to go but it’s always easy to get from one area to another. The cave is pretty cool and fighting on the bridges is a nice way to keep the combat close.0


    There is always combat which is good. It’s not too hard to find combat and going through the different levels allows easy access to find your opponents.


    It seems pretty fair. Each team generally has the same side.


    Good size. Not too bad for small teams and will definitely be good for big teams. There’s lots to explore but you never feel lost and you can always find your way from one place to another.

  • For today’s test (thursday)
    I’ve noticed some portions of the map still needs more work.
    I liked that you opened the middle cavern to the shoreway, I think thats great.
    I think the place could use alot of either more rocks or more flora, or both really. At this point its pretty bare and sand and I can see you plan on putting cliffs, but its still open but just obviously so.
    I’d refer to one of the Battlefield 3 base maps in what I mean here:

    ! [image:xnsjnyga]http://images.vg247.com/current//2011/09/bf3_-mp-_caspian_border-_gamescom_04.jpg[/image:xnsjnyga]

    So essentially what I mean is that i would like to see more climbable areas, and slightly vertical combat, being that this will probably be a pirate VS something else or on FFA might see more pirates - which I think is a good thing if all the other maps are going to be mostly flat or even surfaced… as a pirate I think the key strength is in finding those reach spots, nailing a few shots and then coming in for the kill.

    There are some areas that were easily accessed too like you could jump off onto red team spawn rock barrier and then walk under the map– or in the center there are a few placed rocks that allowed me to climb outside the map into an otherwise unreachable area where I saw some players shooting others. But I am certain that wasnt intentional :P

    Most importantly… please consider giving this map a less cheerful feel… more fog and more green! at the moment its pretty bland midday which makes me think im playing PVK… which is a turnoff for me.

  • After finally testing it thursday with other players, I have to say I like the map. Even with the small player pool we seemed to find each other quite easily. I love the sand pits that cushion your fall. I know it sounds out there for this game but if you had some sort of trampoline to shoot you to upper levels that would be loads of fun. You can fall down onto sand traps, why not have spring loaded wood floor boards that bounces you up onto upper levels. Oh yeah I like the new rock skull :).

    Skeletons! I think we might need some skeletons on this pirate map. No not the ninjas lol. And of course sharks.

    On the highest point on the map where players can walk, you can jump on the rocks and get up on a nasty ledge like user mentioned. If i was a decent shot I could cause some real havoc from that vantage point.

  • I feel like this map could use a port area somewhere with a few ships.

    The sand piles under pit currently look like some sort of pastry or cake.

    There is a collision glitch with the geometry entering and exiting the skull mouth cave

    More when more of the map is done.

  • Art
    It’ll obviously warrant a tropical feel to it. I’m getting a lot of flashbacks to maps in PvK2, which were generally bright day with clear blue waters. Gorgeous, of course, but a difference in art style could be warranted. Hopefully we’ll get some wreckage and gritty details to keep the Chivalry style intact.

    There’s a lot of vertical gameplay. Ramps and such, but some of these seem unnecessarily inaccessible. More ramps on various sides of high perches would be good for gameplay; think Runes and how many staircases, ramps and jumps lead to the various buildings.

    A little hard to navigate; this is no doubt due to the placeholder textures, but some more noticeable landmarks might be warranted. Otherwise, similar concerns as above; the map feels a little too restricted.

    As far as the sides go, it seems okay. But due to the nature of ramps, as well as long distances in general, ranged combatants seem to have an edge. More cover would do well here, depending on how the maps are intended to be balanced (this is a different game from Chivalry after all).

    Winding paths, long walks; it’s fitting as long as it’s intended to be a fairly large map. It seems suited to 32 player servers. Any smaller and it might get tedious after a while.

    Also Bugs and Personal thoughts.
    Haven’t found any bugs. Otherwise, it seems okay for now, though I’m not sure if it’ll make it to my favorites list.

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