Custom Classes Mapped to Numpad

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    Here’s my idea:

    The ability to save class configurations to each numpad key, in order to speed up the weapon selection process. It could work like so: pick all your weapons and equipment like normal, but instead of clicking “Join Game”, click “Save to 1” or “Save to 2”. Then next time you just have to press a numpad key in the weapon selection screen, or press a numpad key in game to change to that custom class next time you spawn. If you’re on a laptop however, you would have to click “Load 1” or “Load 2” on the class selection screen (because you lack a numpad!)

  • i cannot enter the side dunno why

  • You mean the original post? I’s on the tester’s board. That’s why I said “this thread is a copy of this thread, so everyone can see it”.

  • i like this idea a lot :)

  • good idea, i haven’t looked at the source in a while, so i’m not sure if it’s going to have any similar config’s such as hl/hl2, but this sounds doable. i use the keypad personally in counter-strike: source to purchase weapons on the fly, i wouldn’t mind seeing this option available.

  • Hmmm… You do know C:MW is built on UE3 and not source? Or do you mean the ‘source’ config files? But it’s defiantly doable, the devs just have to decide to implement it. :D

  • Bump, Devs?

  • Yes we need this. I always miss the spawn timer when choosing a new setup ingame.

  • This will be good, with a possible makeup in a menu, to avoid spending time comparing weapons during battle :)

  • I guess I’ll resurrect this post from the dead, I’m sure a lot of people would like to have this feature!

    For a temporary fix I quickly wrote a program that does all the mouse moving and clicking to get my favorite configurations; it does so when I press a hotkey. It takes about 1.5 seconds for the macro/program to run and get the custom class I want. It works, but it’s too much effort just to “map” one class to one hotkey…

  • Nice necro.

    But awesome idea. And honestly, I don’t know why this was never implemented.

  • This is a nice necro. The idea never occured to me, but making “Loadouts” would be great.

    I’d say this deserves its own GUI interface, in addition to a keypress. Some buttons below the Class Selection (and Weapon Selection as well) that let you go right to your favorite loadouts.

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