Another UDK.exe problem…

  • I’ve just installed a fresh copy of Chivalry on a fresh install of Windows 7, plus drivers. It’s not working.

    Here’s my stuff:

    Problem signature:
      Problem Event Name:	APPCRASH
      Application Name:	UDK.exe
      Application Version:	1.0.10246.0
      Application Timestamp:	51d71a06
      Fault Module Name:	KERNELBASE.dll
      Fault Module Version:	6.1.7601.17514
      Fault Module Timestamp:	4ce7bafa
      Exception Code:	00000001
      Exception Offset:	0000b727
      OS Version:	6.1.7601.
      Locale ID:	1033
      Additional Information 1:	b229
      Additional Information 2:	b229902f0b11cbc3b3694fb01b24c6eb
      Additional Information 3:	9e2a
      Additional Information 4:	9e2a1e49f74de99e3403a18f21d3a68b



    It looks like I’m getting the D3D9 error, and I’ve tried running it in windowed mode and changing the launch resolution to no avail.

    Help please!

  • [attachment=0:2r2raw7f]unreal-v10246-2013.08.07-00.48.21.dmp[/attachment:2r2raw7f]

  • ok faulting application in kernelbase.dll… that sucks because it could be a number of things. Since you just installed a fresh copy of windows 7.

    check this thread: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=10565

    If that doesn’t work…

    your user profile may just be corrupted, you can try making a new user account and logging in with that, and see if that helps… kind of odd a fresh install would produce this issue but… who knows.

    You can also try running sfc/scannow in your command prompt to check for missing/corrupted files. It most likely has to do with whatever you did installing windows… something’s not right with it.

    Maybe try re-installing chivalry but it’s probably not a directx issue is my guess, something is up with your windows installation.

    good luck…

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