Arrow Absorbtion Bug

  • It just started happening this patch, and it’s happening quite frequently. I will shoot an arrow and know that I hit my shot because I see the arrow in the player, but there is no damage taken by the enemy player. It gets quite old when you’re in life or death situations and the vanguard running at you absorbs your arrow that pegged him in his chest. I’d say it happens maybe 1/10 of my arrows hitting somebody.



  • It’s happened to me once and that was with a throwing axe.

    Its client side hit detection. I don’t know if the damage is dealt by a tracer or hitbox. Either way in flight the tracers/hitbox seems to sorta fall of the actual weapon model you see while in flight. Only slightly probably. So a fast moving target moving horizontally to you can cause this.

    That’s my assumption.

    Never happened to me as archer. Though it has happened once with a Throwing axe.

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