Mechanic in-game stopped working

  • So, since the game came out, i’ve been an MAA about half the time, and i loved using the attack n dodge, you know when you start an attack, dodge forward, and finish it like… 2 feet ahead of you?
    Anyways, i stopped playing for this and that reasons for about 1.5-2 months, and when i came back, it wont let me… :S
    So i assumed it was removed from the game, and i was like “meh, ok”, but i keep seeing other MAA’s do it, so i’m 100% positive it wasn’t removed now.
    Anyone knows whats up?
    Thanks in advance! :)

  • It was removed. As you couldn’t see the weapon coming because the animation changed to the dodge animation. It essentially turned a MAA into a spear.

    The dodge mechanic is there to get in and out of trouble. Its bit there to actually cause the trouble.

    You can’t wind-up half way through a dodge though.

  • Well, thanks for the reply Lemonater.
    I did notice i can only attack while halfway through the dodge, and i guess that’s what i saw other MAA’s do.
    I guess ill just have to revisit those MAA’s that ostensibly use that removed mechanic.
    Once again Lemonater, thanks for the reply.

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