Duel Mode Feeback

  • @SavageBeatings:

    Like… press E to challenge for a duel!

    Oh, I like that idea, so simple but would totally work…
    As for team duels… I don’t know, Alt?

    (P.S. Someone should at least make a mod with a jazzy lobby, I love that idea :D )

  • @King:

    I only played a few hours of the old duel mode due to the rather awkward nature of its lobby.

    This new and MUCH improved duel mode however I can imagine playing much more of :D

    For me its all about the lobby, I love how you can just hang out and challenge who ever when ever.
    I pictured all the knights of chivalry just hanging out in a coffee shop or something in between fights :P

    It looks a bit funny, wildly swinging your weapons about with nothing happening when trying to challenge someone but with some polish I can imagine it won’t look quite as silly.

    I really hope we get to see lots of maps molded just for this mode with some awesome arenas and chill-out lobby areas.

    Mode looks great so far, I look forward to playing it again.

    Yeah I think if you took even further and made a hang out area for people to be while they look at the server list it would be even better. Say like a wow type looking town. But you can challenge others to duels and team duels inside the town. Or enter a duel match making system by yourself or with a team. When you actually duel it takes you to a duel game. I know unlikely.

    But onto the subject, so far its buggy and clunky. It takes longer to duel and it does not have any kind of match making system. So the old duel system is superior.

    However it has potential. You need to add the option of join pool so people can do the old way or the new way perhaps? Challenging by swinging at someone and sitting around looking at each other has its appeal, but when people want to get down to dueling the old way seems much faster.

    I do like the casualness, this game is all gogogogo and that wears thin, this would let people sit back have a cup of coffee and watch some duels or do some duels at their leisure. I really like that. Also you can go walk over and look at people dueling cage fighting style.

    The problem is you need a join the pool system along with the casualness and with the casualness you have less people in the game dueling. You want more players participating in a game so they can eventually duel other players of their skill through match making.

    How would solve this? Well a game with a lot of players in it, so people can casually duel\watch or join the pool. But then the game would lag more right? If 64 man servers are any indication.

    Mind you I rarely duel and only have maybe 10 hours dueling.

    As is with the current player cap, capped because of lag, you never see 64 man duel servers. Without any bugs.

    team dueling

    no match making
    smaller player pool
    takes longer to duel

    Maybe it would be a good place to wait while your not in the pool? Like if you have done all your duels and are waiting for others to finish.

    Ok challenging is fun but so is being 10-0 and feeling like you beat everyone in the game during that session. I say keep both styles.

    p.s. undecided if I had to chose one or the other

    p.s…s i know im all over the place, pretty much just my thinking out loud thoughts

  • @King:

    (P.S. Someone should at least make a mod with a jazzy lobby, I love that idea :D )

    Yeah, and no one can argue about it being an anachronism either! :D

  • Concerning the duel mode.
    I like the way it works. I didnt really get how to team up as a team with somone else.
    I also did not like the fact you have to slash somone to challenge them to a duel, this can cause situations where people pop into your view to get you to slash at them and then slash back quickly. I think you should use the static battlecry as an initiate key for a duel challenge while having a specific target on your crosshair, just like they did in the Jedi Academy / Outcast games.

    Also another way they used which I think you should impliment rather than divide a map into smaller sub-sections is ghosting other player sprites. What do I mean by this…

    When you are in a duel, every other player instead of you (or you and your team) and the person you are dueling (or them and their team) turn invisible/derendered … this way some lag will be decreased for players with less state of the art computers who want to play. Of course other players will also not collidable by the dueling parties at this point. For whomever else might be watching the two dueling parties duel– those players will be ghosted, slightly translucent through the duration of the duel. This way you can use essentially a way smaller map without having to put in obvious barrier obstacles, which means less loading time for everything… and also that the dueling ground is also the lobby. And that whoever is in the lobby can watch people duel without interfering. To differentiate between the duels you can tint each dueling with a different coloration on the spectrum of colors… Im pretty sure thats enough… here is an example of what I mean:

    ! BgzjR3D_spc&t=01m47s

    Additionally… I think there should be some UI element when playing in a group, or maybe a floaty over your teammates head that shows their remaining health. Because dueling to me is more about perfecting and presenting your fighting techniques and control over the system. Playing with another person and attempting to coordinate attacks together might require this as a feature for better planning?

  • I kind of slept through the test today, yes I wake up at 4 pm sometimes. :P

    Hopefully the new duel mode will be tested again saturday? I really want to see it.

  • This system works, just change slashing at each other into something more approachable (keystroke that does a pointing animation to your target?), and absolutely make it so that there are enough arenas for everyone on the server to fight simultaneously. No one likes to wait around.

  • @The:

    I kind of slept through the test today, yes I wake up at 4 pm sometimes. :P

    I feel you brother…
    Testing has given me motivation to start getting up earlier in the morning.
    And who ever said video games aren’t healthy?

  • I just had a chance to test the new duel mode briefly. First off, the map it was on is good. I like Bamboo forest in general, but the areas sectioned off for duels (I saw 2 so I can’t comment on them all yet) are cool. I love the clearing in the bamboo forest.

    I also love the inclusion of 2vs2. That’s very good.

    I would however, prefer if initiating a duel was through either bowing or challenging with C. Everyone waving around with LMB feels odd and breaks the immersion.

  • Yeah that was fun. Love the new duel mode. It could stand to benefit from a few minor interface tweaks as Radiant was saying, but that’s just icing.

    Waiting in the queue is kinda annoying. If people keep rematching do they hog the fighting areas or what?

    But still, it’s pretty cool having all these discrete duels happening around you. Great improvement on the old mode, IMHO.

  • It’s unintuitive. On-screen tips will definitely be a must. However, I just love the 2v2 dueling.

    It’s nice being able to see other duels in the background, but it’s very possible to “step in” on a duel with a ranged weapon.

  • It would probably help to have some sort of on-screen text that indicates who you are currently partnered with, and who you have challenged, and to just give more directions to those who might be confused.

    I love the options for 2v2, I didn’t get a chance to check, does the map support 3v3 or even 4v4? Just out of curiosity.

  • Keep in mind, this is the first pass on duel mode. Better indication, among other things, are still being worked on.

  • Time.

    The time given currently was way to short (spent most the time trying to play broken pirate :D )

    In mumble we all agreed that strictly duel servers shouldn’t even have a time limit but thinking about it again, then you would never change maps…

    It was also suggested that the game ends once someone reaches a certain number of kills.

    If duel mode was in a server rotation I feel at the very least there should be much more time.

  • @King:

    If duel mode was in a server rotation I feel at the very least there should be much more time.

  • I do prefer approaching people to challenge them rather than menus…… but yeah, not very clear on how you actually get dueling at this stage. Definitely needs a much longer time limit or a kill limit.

    I think that if we’re gonna be hitting our opponents to challenge them, then everyone’s only primary weapon outside of duels should be a glove. :D Otherwise I think bowing or the battlecry would be a better choice.

    Also… how friggin pissed is the pirate control? Is that an intended Jack Sparrow swagger? He’s wankered- it’s hard to play like that haha. But I did enjoy the “I tire of mead….I thirst…for rum” taunt though. ;)

    Where’s the Viking’s dual wielding gone? Didn’t seem to be an option this time. :(

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