New Game mode?! / Votekick and minor battle system tweak

  • Hello guys! I’ve been playing Chivalry for almost a year now, and i have to say it is my favorite game whatsoever! :) So straight to the topic here! I will suggest one interesting new Gamemode, discuss about votekick harass by the community in game and also discuss about an annoying abuse of a certain “fighting style” so hopefully more people will agree and the Devs will think about tweaking it! I don’t want to create any sort of hate or intimacy, just sharing my thoughts, so keep it clean guys! :D

    First things first, i will talk about the new gamemode!

    I was thinking the other night, while playing a team objective map, where i had to protect the king, that this particular objective is a funny and interesting addition to the game. People love to protect or try to assassinate a certain player with a high status in the current map/game. So my idea is to create a gamemode where, the two armies class their swords in a battlefield, each one led by a high general or a person of high position that commands the battle, like the king Malric or Argon in the two TO maps, and the objective of each team is to kill the other general/commander, while at the same time protect their own! A separate game mode like tdm, to, ffa or cpt! Maybe some small camps or bases for each team would make the game more strategic oriented, but with no further need of breaching walls or following specific objectives!

    The second thing i want to discuss, is the Votekick system that is implemented in the game. Sometimes, it is extremely effective and of course necessary to have an option to kick someone who is, for example, killing the teammates on purpose. But sometimes, people abuse that system, and kick players who did nothing wrong. For example, i can recall countless times where i got kicked/ temp banned from a server because a person started a votekick out of pure hatred,and others just voted yes just because they were in the middle of a fight or they did not care. ( I 've done this myself, where i just vote yes or no without looking because i am about to get attacked). Or other abuses where there are 4-5 clan members on a server( not their own server) and just kick others out of a game for no reason, because simply they can and are more. The most interesting thing that i have seen in the last months though is that there is a trend where if a player has even 1-10% team damage, gets voted to be kicked, despite apologizing for team hits or kills. Sadly i do not know where this behavior comes from :| So, to conclude, i hope a Dev see this and discuss with the others to find a way to tweak or change the votekick system to not be abused so easily! :)

    The final thing i want to discuss is a fighting style i’ve seen lately, and i have nothing more to say than that this is purely catastrophic for the game :/ And i believe what i am about to say will create much controversy from players who play with that style. So, first of all, i will describe to you as closely as i can, this matter. I am sure everyone has seen someone, especially in the later days of Chiv, playing with a fighting style that is almost “unblockable” If you spectate that person, or see him battling with friendlies, you will see him “spazzing out” his camera, meaning that he is looking up, down, left and right and to any direction within almost half a second. Sometimes, they even get “inside you” and you see the inside of their body animation :P . Followed by extremely fast attacks, where, before the animation of one attack is finished, the other one already hits you(and i want to underline this specific thing as i believe is a glitch), you can never see the tip of the sword to block. This results in a fighting style that is almost annoying and catastrophic( in my belief) for the gameplay :( It is far far away from realism(for example, you see a knight running, doing a full circle, crouching, bending in two, looking up in the sky, down on the floor, left and right, and all that in >literally half a second or even quicker) I did some research, and found out that people who play like this 1) Are highly competitive and try to exploit or abuse every little aspect of the fighting that is not balanced, 2) Use even the animation glitches in order to fight like that and 3)Do not care for realism or plain physics and just want to kill others. Is there any way to fix this? I believe tweaking the response time after every hit, and prolonging it slightly, will have a great effect against that. Maybe make the heavier classes, or classes with heavier weapons to not be able to use the “spazzing out” camera trick by making them have reduces sensitivity or slower reaction times? Just suggestions, and everyone who has one on the topic or one for the above is welcome to contribute his ideas!

    As i said previously, this game is fantastic and really, one of the first games that innovated like this in the first person multiplayer genre. All i want is for it to constantly improve and be a better place for everyone and of course having the great gaming experience that it has, without being destroyed by tiny little exploits or abuses from extremely competitive players! :)

  • There’s one massive thing wrong with this.

    Its not king Argon, he’s already dead before the events of the game happen. The king on stoneshill is Argons right hand man Feydrid Kearn.

    Otherwise I like your new game mode.

    The reason why people get liked is becuase of the dipshits who randomly vote yes. If you don’t care vote no. Don’t vote yes. Only vote yes if you know that the person getting kicked is guilty. If you don’t know push no. And the no button is closer anyway.

    Those spastic people rely on being aggressive and the fact their opponent is going “what the fuck an I witnessing”. If you come across one of this e players be agressive to them. As they find it harder to defen themselves especially when they themselves can’t really see what’s happening.

  • Thanks for your response, lemonater. I really thought that it was King Argon’s nephew, according to the wiki , the upcoming king, so i rushed a bit and called him king :P As for the votesystem, i don’t know.Maybe implement a certain amount of votekicks per day? So people really use them properly. Or the Votekick system against a player should get initiated after a certain amount of “invisible votes”? I think the last one is a good idea. Seing a teamkiller? tou votekick him. Surely 2-3 of your teammates will do the same, so the votekick will start! As for the last one…i Really have to say nothing. I know how to counter them, sometimes, but this is getting really annoying. And discouraging for new players :/After i posted that yesterday, i played a little , and went on a server where there were 3 clan members playing likes this, on the same side. It was impossible to even watch. I mean really? A knight bending in two and doing a full circle with his sword spazzing out? And all that in half a second -_- it is disgusting! Thanks for your feedback again!

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