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  • Sarissa’s gotten massive “nerfs” btw. It was copied over from Broadsword stats like every other weapon, but its timing values were just never changed, thus it was ungodly fast for its damage and reach.

  • @Dr:

    First I’d like to say thanks for listening in regards to the Sarissa, they look great with the small shield on their arm (although it doesn’t seem to work yet).

    Yep, Me Zob and Lemonater tested out the Sarissa. Boy she is a beauty with her combos. I must say what I was really impressed about. Was the additional (Targe?) Shield applied to the character model? (As Zob said, we did not find it to work, infact at times it glitched the Spartan into ‘jesus T mode’

    I would really like to see a similar thing for the Vanguard in Current Chivalry? (Perhaps goes in Special Equipment (Axes/Knives etc) Quiet frankly, it looks pretty cool, gives you extra protection from arrows.

    I think there is an awesome opportunity to reuse some things here, though I could understand if it had to be unique.

    Just an idea! :D

  • Ive been playing with the kanabo on the training map.

    It still looks pretty cool but it is generally not very effective, considering that it looks smaller than the bearded axe and generally swings way slower despite being genereally composed of wood.

    I find that despite having a large damage pool, the speed at which it is animated does not make up for it.
    I believe making the animation play faster would give this weapon a much needed boost.

  • Sarissa’s windup time feels a lot slower, which is great considering it has such a powerful thrust.
    I feel its somewhere on the line of either being to powerful or to heavily nerfed but not quite finished yet.

    Maybe its because I am not really used to stabbing only weapons?

  • @Dr:

    First I’d like to say thanks for listening in regards to the Sarissa, they look great with the small shield on their arm (although it doesn’t seem to work yet).

    I noticed that you can combo thrusts with the sarissa, I hope it’s intentional because it’s awesome. Probably needs some fine tuning in regards to combo times but this is how all spears should work.

    That being said I think the Dory needs something similar, I would change the LMB swipe to a very quick, short range jab from which you can combo into a longer range thrust.

    The shield bashes are coming along well but I think it would be a great idea if you could riposte off a correctly timed block into a shield bash. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    Yay! You listened! Again!

    Now the LMB of the Spartan Dory is a quick thrust that can be comboed into another quick thrust, a long thrust or a shield bash… awesome. Exactly what the Spartan needs, gives them lots of options to mix it up and so powerful.

    Great work guys.

  • I didn’t try much of this setup….but when using the Sarissa’s little shield with a sword it seems like it barely gives you any blocking/protection. The shield raise seems to be about chest height and not in front of your face like with other shields. Are you supposed to look up real hard to block stabs to the face?

  • @AngryDave:

    Are you supposed to look up real hard to block stabs to the face?

    That’s what I had to do. It blocked the majority of attacks except for swipes at my feet… Goat called hax on it… shrug. Staring at the sky makes it pretty hard to know where your enemy is to face them… :?

  • Remixx is just a hacker.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Remixx is just a hacker.

    Only when I’m messing with Kimi’s forum account. Duh.

  • The combat follows with new types of weapon with new types of attack animation that are both unique and interesting to see. Also there is this type of “Sweet spot” added to the swing tracer, as a campaign against Accelerated and Delayed attacks. Blue, Green and Red. Red will be made at the middle of a swing attack, whilst at the end of a Stab/thrust attack. Bash attacks are Always red, this is a very good methode to increase the skill cap / learning curve in the game. Though a lot of “Elite” players may say this may add a huge random factor in the game, though personally I believe it would make the game more skillful.

    Though take to consideration that some sweet spotted weapons on the Knight’s One-handed are directly above the head, meaning that you DO have to accelerate to make the sweet spot, which is the opposite of what you guys are trying to prevent :-)

    Archery weapon should also have this “Sweet spot”. Increase damage on the distance, and decreased upclose with some weapons to prevent Shotgunning.

    A fine balance could be made, Throwables DO definently need a short penalty for shotgunning as they are suppose to be upclose and personal, though longranged weapon such as the bow should have penalty upclose, but of course greater reward at distances. This would form a nice balance of the Sweet spot with Throwables and Bow/crossbows.

    As for Bows / Crossbows, I think using them should slightly wear down the user, so that if they use it too much, it will serve as a penalty if they are forced Directly into melee somehow.

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