Dream on pirate

  • All right, so I know that Sly addressed this briefly in the Viking map ideas thread and the idea has been proposed before I’m sure but I am going to post away for the sake of conversation if nothing else.

    Today during testing, the idea of a massive sea battle with sailable (possibly destructible) ships was being tossed around.

    After putting some more thought to the idea of being able to sail right up to a ship, broadside it to pieces then board er and use your cutlass to finish off what ever unfortunate pirates be left standing YAR HAR!!!

    I started geeking out much more then necessary…

    SO! despite all attempts to restrain my self, here I am posting this idea again so that it will never be forgotten, then someday perhaps in a future expansion or a brilliant mod it will become a reality.

    Yes I know, resources, time, money, focus, ect…
    Still thar be no harm in dreaming laddy!

    Unless no one likes pirates any more…

  • Best part of the pirate theme is ship battles. Even if coding actual moving ships with cannons is too hard, a map with two ships connected by little wooden platforms would be awesome. Maybe with rope swings on the mast too. :)

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