–---{|[The Peasant Rebellion]|}–-----

  • –----------------------------------------{|[THE PEASANT REBELLION]|}–-----------------------------------
    The Peasant Rebellion has begun……

    Hello fellow filthy peasant, are you feeling like you the lords of Agatha or Mason are not treating you right?
    Well fret not my lord, as I have a solution, me and my peasants are here to start a peasant rebellion.
    We have no faction that we want to join, we join whatever we want!
    We are peasants aren’t we? Can’t be limited, no no no.
    But we shall dress as filthy peasants!
    We shall not dress in that heavy gear.
    We shall wear the clothes on our back.
    We shall carry slings into battle to fight against the lords. Our cudgels and our hunting knifes shall be our weapons that we bring. We find pebbles of the ground to use for our ammo, they are good enough to dent armor, yes?
    Ever since the Hair Plague took our hair from us but not from us, we had to hide or baldness to be even remotely attractive to our wives who were not effected to the plague. Us filthy peasants suffered we did, but NO LONGER!
    We shall take off our groovy head gear and hoods and reveal our baldness to the world!
    Our heads shall shine in the moonlight and daylight while we shower our foes in our pebbles. Bash their heads with our cudgels and stab them with our hunting knives!
    :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
    Alright, enough of that intro. Hello, I’m Pbrandon1, also known as Lper1 in game. After having fun with in beta, I decided to customize my archer to look like a filthy peasant. Because as we know, all archers are filthy peasants. After having fun with that, I had an idea to make a peasant guild. After suggesting the idea to people and them agreeing, I decided to start a peasant rebellion.
    My goal with this is to hopefully have a bunch of people in this is to have at least one filthy peasant on each official server, the goal may change though. So, let me set some guidelines:

    1. You must be an Archer.
    2. Your Mason Archer must wear solid brown and Agatha archer must be solid white but may be subject to change.

    Your gear will be set to these guidelines depending on rank.

    Mason Only Right Now


    Helmet: None
    Main: Sling
    Secondary: Hunting Knife
    Ammo: Pebbles


    Helmet: Veternan Helmet(Non-Open)
    Main: Sling
    Secondary: Saber
    Ammo: Pebbles


    Helmet:Raider Helmet(Open)
    Main: Sling
    Secondary: Cudgel
    Ammo: Lead Balls

    I shall pick who the leaders are and from there, those leaders shall lead the guild and pick the sergeants and stuff. I shall start picking who the leaders are when TBS releases the patch. For now, bask in the glory of what will soon be. Here, I’ll get us started off.

    Thank you and always be filthy.

    P.S. I will give control to this guild to the leaders as I do not have the time to manage this. I have school and stuff to worry about.

  • As promised I will join you in this rebellion, also do you plan on setting up a steam group?

  • Hmmm…sure.

  • I support this revolt.

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