Stun lock animation

  • With the stun locks, how cool would it be instead of just flailing backward, you actually fell to the ground and got back up? eh? eh?

    So that last smash of no stamina would knock you down, or the kicks from shields would knock you down. Then it at least wouldn’t look liike you’re just standing there like a returd.

    Plus, with a shield, if you were to kick somoene with a shield off a ledge, he could fall backward off of it, and maybe start grabbing at the air.

  • Yes, I have the same exact thought. It looks ridiculous how you just stand there and shake your head for two seconds. I’d prefer if, when kicked with low stamina, you fall to the ground and get up real quick, within the two second window. During this time you can of course not do anything while getting up from the ground, but it’d look better and feel better.

  • Interesstingly enough this animation (depending on how it’s executed) might lead a spammed lmb of the attacker to miss on stamlock or, on the other hand, might turn a low swing into a head hit. It would also make it slightly (as in almost neglactably) harder to align a headshot OH on the stunlocked person.
    I don’t know whether this would count as a slight nerf or a slight buff. I don’t think it would have a real effect. But I know one thing: a few days after this is implemented you will have people whining to have it removed because it interferes with their playstyle.

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