I am terrible against one handed axes

  • And I don’t know why. I find them hard to parry for some reason. Regardless of what class uses them.

  • Onehanded axes appear smaller than they are because of their curved shape (similar to the Falchion). Also you might instinctively try to aim your parry at the center of the axe head. Aim it at the axes “tip” - this means further left/right/up!

    The “aoc_drawtracer 1” command is useful to show the actual hitbox of your weapon. Equip an axe, type it into the console and strike. Now you can see the area this axe will deal damage (green lines). To parry a strike you need to aim where they end (against a facehugging and swinging axe user this is almost 90 degrees to the side).

  • As Evil Minion said, one handed axes require a very unique amount of accuracy to parry. Depending on how close they are, it can literally take 90 degree turns to parry them. Coupled with how fast they are, most people do have difficulty parrying them from time to time, especially when latency is involved.

    The only real advice I can give is to keep practicing, try to find a friend and have him try to hit you with all 3 axes while you practice parrying them for awhile.

  • Keep in mind that the one handed axes trade their range for speed and power, with the exception of the dane axe, Maas (and vanguards sometimes) must be at almost face hugging range to attack you so keeping a controlled distance will help (the hatchet is dagger range and the war axe is about short sword and holy water sprinkler range). The dane axe is quite slow and predictable compared to the other axes for its range. IN a range comparison the long version of the mace and swords are much longer at 37 for the broad sword, 33 for the norse sword, 34 for the morning star while the dane axe has a range of 30.

    Keep in mind their stabs are quite quick but deal very low blunt damage generally used as a flinching interrupt. The slashes are fairly mediocre as all of the one handed axe’s strongest and generally go to attack is the over head in terms of damage, speed and slight extra range. looking up against over heads is ideal but when face hugging you be prepared to turn several degrees to the left or right on slashes as stated in the thread before.

  • Yeah with the axe turn on the tracers and see how it swings.

    The red tracers do the damage while the other tracers are for parry checks.

    Axes are harder to block. But that’s a trait of that class of weapon. The Dane axe is the easiest to block. It almost behaves like a sword. But the hatchet and war axe are set difficult. The hatchet is also curved forward. And the axe head deals the damage and that’s miles out in front of the handle of the weapon unlike a sword. So you also have to look at that.

    The Dane axe is far better for getting over shields than the other two. That’s its advantage. Still hard to block but against shields rather than parries.

  • Standard shit - if really is an issue for you, then get a good player who happens to be your mate to attack you with nothing but 1h axes for half an hour sessions over several days in a FFA duel server, then you’ll get better at defending yourself against it. If you havent got any good players as mates, try asking a few that you bump into in pubs to help, nicely. They often will.

    Then you’ll presumably get better at reading the animations and such, and get used to the mouse movements and click timings you have to make to block it, as well as the way you need to play to avoid having to block at all (as much as possible) if that makes sense. Im not saying im personally a genius at blocking and dealing with all things, but its the best way to improve a specific issue.

    The better the player you can find, the better. The more they smash you with said setup, the better you’ll get over time. There is an absolute wealth of knowledge to be found in a few 2-12 scores 1v1 to a excellent player using a particular setup, even if it is yknow… tempered by the humility of being bashed to bits.

    Humility is good. ;). There will always be someone better, you can only aspire. Hate to not be able to give a magic answer, but there isnt one! :<

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