Some ideas to make melee combat more enjoyable

  • (1) Adjust shields to the new stamina system and give them negation values comparable to primary weapons.

    (2) Make it possible to combo/riposte into alternate strikes (only if comboing from a different type of attack).

    (3) Decrease the size of the collision bubble or remove it and implement multiple damage hitboxes (attack start, attack end, blade/head, handle).

    (4) Give allies the same collision bubble and make them flinch from friendly strikes.

    (5) Make people slide to the ground when landing on others rather than bouncing of or getting stuck mid air.

    (6) Give the Buckler some additional edge in melee combat (shield down time is barely noticeable for MaA and being able to hold it up for longer is not of use because of its poor size).

    (7) Revise weapon switch times: extremely short for bastard sword stance change, short for daggers (not the Shortsword), medium for onehanded weapons and shields, long for twohanded weapons, very long for polearms and spears.

    (8) Make spears unable to riposte but make feints cost a little less stamina for them.

    1. Interesting idea. But that would make so it didn’t really matter what sheild you use. Personally I think just the knight buckler should have less stamina drain as he’s a bloody tank.

    2. Yes. More combat variation.

    3. Make the bubble a tad smaller is a good idea. But I don’t thi k you know how all the tracers work. There should just be even more parry check tracers. Espicially for stabs. As the weapon model starts in the actual person with facehugging. But if you added more parry check tracers for stabs then the parry would pick it up. Espicially if there was a slight almost unoricible delay before the red tracers start. Then you can block facehug stabs which were the only impossible facehug attack. The other two just needed people to look around to parry.

    4. Not the same collision bubble as currently. The anti facehug bubble only comes into play against enemy’s. I don’t want to e block by allies. I wouldn’t mind either way if freindlies flinch me or not.

    5. It would bring its own set of glitches. That’s why no death animation has anyone lying down before the animation goes to ragdoll.

    6. Make the buckler be able to combo. I know it can be done. Especially with javelins.

    7. I don’t switch weapons in combat as its a stupid idea. Ok reality it would take way longer than the game has it at.

    8. Fuck off.

  • @lemonater47:

    1. Yes. More combat variation.

    2. Fuck off.

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