Falling adds to the damage of your hit

  • Something in the game really annoyed me today. I jumped off a roof and overhead hit an archer playing as a vanguard with the third unlock 2H sword. It did not kill him, It didn’t even stagger a knight when I repeated the move. Each time after though I took a hit and died from pike to head or knight countering.

    Especially after the archer did not die it hit me how ridiculous it is he didn’t. So my idea is that falling increases the damage of your blow. So if I jump and do an overhead it can cause more damage than a normal overhead. Or if I jump off a high ledge onto someone and hit them it destroy them rather than giving an archer a chance to get his dagger out and destroy me. It makes sense to so hopefully this can be implemented as it’s a little bit annoying being swatted away when in reality they should be dead in half. Higher the ledge you fall from the more damage you can deliver.

  • It would be cool. You must have hit him in the legs though since the zwei overhead oneshots archers anyway. Aim better!

    Personally I wish you could damage people by simple jumping on them Mario style instead of bouncing off.

  • It’d be great to use a big fat bulky weapon to smash someone like when you press f10 and they explode.

  • You must of somehow hit him in the legs. As a Zwei overhead kills on the body and head.

    And callin dealing extra damage would be another thing over complicating the game and making something else that would be buggy, unreliable and something which could get exploited.

    And the higher the ledge you fall the more likely you are to break your legs. You can fall for quite high in this game as opposed to “reality”.

  • Over complicating how? exploited how? And yes jumping off the castle ramparts is out of the question but jumping off a fence of barn isn’t going to shatter your knees. It would be no more buggy than the game is already. Nothing I’m sure staff couldn’t handle over time.

  • The best thing to do as a vanguard is run (don’t jump!) off the edge and then do a mid-air charge attack.

  • I think speed in general should be a factor of how hard you hit, not just falling. Slow drags would cause less damage, sped-ups would cause more… running while throwing a javelin would increase the damage…

    Mount & Blade had it, made sense.


    Then again Mount & Blade had a thing where if you got too close and started a windup inside the enemy’s body it would flinch yourself or deal minimum damage, rather than deal 100% damage like in Chiv… also proper tracers on things like bardiches meant you couldn’t instantly hit with the handle in overheads… lots to learn from that little Turkish game…

  • Sounds good, but I wouldn’t expect it to implemented soon, they still haven’t fixed the crossbow glitch D:

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