Idea for map

  • Perhaps a castle invasion map would be good. Not like the current ones, the castle is most of the map, not a big one but it would be cool to see this. Staircases in medieval times spiraled to give right handed defenders the advantage.

    Spawn points for attackers could be two siege towers on the ramparts. Span for defenders could be lower floor barracks or throne room.

    Features, true to life clockwise spiral staircases, arrow slits not big open door way. A moat to direct combat and stop people from running a mile away to hack open an archer. Spiral towers that make it harder for catapult to damage.

    The objectives could be for example, escort the seige tower to the wall, open the gate by occupying it’s mechanism area, kill the monks in the church(15 remain), kill the king OR rescue your own king from the dungeon.

    Just some ideas to run with.

  • resque the princess! but yeah would be cool to have you fighting on top of a castle wall and such, and have you push siege towers up to the walls and then climb the actual siege towers…

    but the defenders would have a major upperhand, so balance-wise would be tricky. you’d need either more people on the attacking side, or they need to be helped out for instance by npc artillery or suchlike.

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